Zuki Tamaro
Player Name Jotie

Character Name: Zuki Tamaro
Secondary Name: Zukers, Dariam
Race: Alfar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Appearance - Zuki Tamaro

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 lbs
Hair Colour: Violet
Eyes Colour: Stale Violet
Skin Tone: Rich Tan, half-way as dark as an Svartalf

He wears one of two types of clothes. One type is wearing something similar to what wizards wear, mostly dressed in dark clothing to be more of an aggressive view. His other is a decorated armor that is a metallic black with a unique two-toned color of silver, making it seem like it shines brightly behind the darkness. He has a long combed hair that feels smooth and silky going straight down his back. He has a very noticable claw mark across his face going from the upper-right of his face down and around his eyes, going around his eyes barely, and partly going over the bridge of his nose, but stopping near his upper lip upon the middle claw mark, as well as the third claw mark stopping just about just lining up outside of the corner of his lip.

Appearance - Dariam

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 lbs
Hair Colour: Violet
Eyes Colour: Stale Violet
Skin Tone: Rich Tan, half-way as dark as an Svartalf

He hides behind a mask at all times, never removing his mask at all, as if the mask is his face. His hair is strangely soft to touch, and doesn't feel silky like his Zuki form. Although it is the same length, it creates a different shape and texture, making his appearance seem different. As well as hiding his face behind a mask and seem to have changed his hair texture and style, he also wears a matching color clothing, having hidden blades upon these clothes. He has leather shoulder armor and a hardened body armor to match it, dying it slightly with a purple color. Most of his clothing matches his hair color though, making it an illusion of him being as a different person.

Personality & Mannerisms - Zuki Tamaro

His personality at first seems dark and angst towards others. However, he is kind once people gets to know him. Though, at first, any insults towards him as a first impression to him would make him yell and threaten, even though he wouldn’t really kill them unless there is a very specific reason.His manners around the table might show that he is a very fast eater, and probably a disgusting one, since he basically tears through food and using his hands on most food, like meat. Oh yeah, and he’s a bottomless pit at that. He likes to keep his hair combed nicely and wouldn’t like it if people messed it up. He also likes to dress in dark clothing and usually dresses a bit evilly. He mainly wears armor and carries a two-handed type sword around him if traveling someplace far. But if not, he usually wears a violet colored clothing, a bit fancy, but still dark and evil-looking (Like a warlock’s clothing). He doesn’t really wear bright colors, unless he has to.

Personality & Mannerisms - Dariam

His personality, unlike being Zuki Tamaro, is very secretive and silent. He shows up when needed to people he knows, then disappears almost at the same time of being near them for a certain period of time. He rarely socialize with people, unless there is an important information about them, or if something goes wrong with something, he would seek it out by using his stealth to find things. He changes his voice tone, sounding darker and somewhat, alluring to some. However, he stays well hidden from view as best as he can in order to help out.

Disposition: Chaotic Good

Within groups of people, he would normally not socialize unless spoken to. If he hates the person, he wouldn’t talk to them, unless they say his name, or unless depending on the situation, needs help (like if he/she gets attacked for no reason). Alone, he mainly talks to himself, trying to figure things out. He worries on people he cares about and wonders if they like him or not, or if his family is okay.
Word of advice: If someone kills or attacks a bunny, or tries to harm a Nanabozho without logic reason, he WILL attack back, unless they tell him it was on accident.


Character Age: 24
Birthdate: Feb 6th, 3131
Birthplace: Payon
Occupation: Treasure Hunter, Hunter, Dungeon Crawling, and secret guardian

Zuki, like the rest of his family, was born in Payon on February 6th, 3131. He grew up along side of his father. Upon training with weapons, like swords, spears, and axes, he stayed suited with two-handed sword types. He was going to be part of the military, in order to help the cause of the slavery like his dad, so that there wouldn’t be any slavery anymore. However, that dream ended with both of his parents passed away in front of him. He instead now, went Treasure Hunting for money, hunting for food like a hunter, and Dungeon Crawling, in order to make profit and support the rest of his family, Jotie, Foxtrot, and Krystal.

He doesn’t like Krystal, for she seemed a little offensive for his family by the sheer way she dresses, as well as being very flirtatious to almost anyone, even to his own family. He mainly tries to stay away from her, and mostly watch out for his brother, Jotie, so that he wouldn’t start or cause any trouble for him, his family, or anyone in that matter.

He respects Foxtrot, considering he was used to be a slave before his previous slave driver passed away, and Jotie and Krystal found him and took him in. He treats him almost the same way he treats Jotie, the same way so he wouldn’t cause any trouble.

When he was young, he had a pet bunny named Bunbun. It was a female rabbit that he took care of, and made sure nothing happens to her. It was his favorite pet, and he rarely let her out of his site. One day, he couldn’t find Bunbun, and he was devastated by the story from his father that Bunbun died. He recovered in due time, before his mother and father passing. Ever since, he was depressed, angry, and didn’t like people much.

Through the years, he decided to grow older and disguise himself as a strange mysterious man with the smiling mask, calling himself Dariam. He practiced his voice to sound intimidating, as well as alluring to people, trying to mix in a mysterious man. He at first used this mainly to protect the remaining family members secretly, but also use this for protecting people he feels he should trust and have as allies. That includes his family member's mates.


  • Aelin: I don't really trust Ailouros if they seem a bit flirtatious… But he seems to like my sister, so I should respect him. If times get desperate, I'd protect him when I can. But I would have to keep an eye on this guy. ((Neutral alliance alignment. Would protect him when possible, for Krystal Tamaro's sake.))
  • Foxtrot McGraw: Although at first I didn't think he'd be good for the family, it turns out that he does have much kindness in him. It is very touching, and I respect the man. I accept him to be part of the Tamaro's family, regardless of his race. He will be under my protection, until my body lays rest and my spirit lives on. It is good that my father accepted him too. He seems to keep Jotie Tamaro in check. ((Family love. Would do anything for him))
  • Genghis: Regardless of this Lupus, I respect his code of honor. But if Yukina wants me to punch him in the face, I would have to obey her wishes. But he does have my trust, only because of his actions. As weird as this sounds, it is unusually fun to stare at him. ((Trusted alliance. Would protect him unless said so by Yukina))
  • Jotie Tamaro: Even though my father sees him as an outcast, I still see him as a family member. It is strange to know he is one of the few Tamaros that actually have skin as white as the snows of Lutie, as small as a child, and being critically dependent with magic. Magic, science, it seems the same to me. But I respect what he does. He seems to be trying to do it for the greater good. I just hope he doesn't get too cocky in his weird experiments upon plants that he ends up getting killed in one of his explosions. ((Family love. Would do anything for him))
  • Krystal Tamaro: Truthfully, she's scarier than our father. That says a lot. I know what runs through her brains that few would even want to know. That also says a lot. And I fear that if anything pushes her too far, I fear she would wipe that person out of existence, making it seem like they mysteriously disappeared from existence, as if they never existed. She has the mental powers to do that, even though she is easily amused by shiny objects. I only hope everyone would be on her good side. I'd hate for anyone to be in her path, even for people I hate. ((Family love. Would do anything for her. But would rather let her do it unless asked))
  • Sithe Strife: I don't really trust the kid. Truthfully, I believe he's lying of his own age too. But my family seems to respect him enough for me to at least care for him. But I'll keep an eye on him if he tries anything stupid. ((Wary. Wouldn't do anything unless he does something harmful, or if someone is harming him without logical reasons))
  • Yukina: She is a very beautiful woman and have the most unique ears that I've ever met on a Nanabozho and rabbits both. She has a child-like heart of gold, and pure innocence of a newborn. Her actions question why I want to marry her, but I love her, no matter what. I chose to be with her. I have so far, not regretted my decision to be with her, spirits and all, and would care for her as a regular person. ((Lover. Would do anything for her, even if it costs his life to protect her, or bring her back to life even if that was possible))

Misc Facts

Favorite Food: Whole Roasted Boar
Favorite Drink: Orange Soda
Favorite Alcohol: Drunken Cherries (Special Made: Vodka with crushed cherries inside)
Special Skills: Carries oversized weapons with two hands easily using it. Heavy Drinker.
Favorite Animal: Rabbits
Favorite Colour: Black

Upon birth, his father took care of most of his life. They lived their life as hunters and trained in many arts of weapons, their specialty, two-handed swords. Their family were inclined into militaristic battles and training, being in a long trees of Military.

Zuki, at the age of four, was a child with a brave heart, and very obedient. He listened to every word of his father, learning about wars, destruction, and salvation. His father happened to be power-hungry, but his father lived a loyal life. Zolos trained him at the age of six, so that he would be prepared for anything. He wanted Zuki to be as strong as him. Though, Zolos trained him rough and hard.

At the age of thirteen, he heard of his brother being attacked by some Orcs. Sooner than he realized after a few more years, Jotie did not seem to age at all from that day, staying in his same form. He figured that being cleaved in the back with an axe did that.

One day, Zuki and his father trained against each other when he turned sixteen. Zuki finally beat his father in a training duel. His father acted like he was going easy, but Zolos was happy that he beat him. They were as close as anyone could get as a family. As well around that time, he met his new adopted brother, Foxtrot. At first, he was not sure, but then later accepted his unique brother.

Zuki, like his sister, Krystal, joined the military branch as a Knight. With help of his father’s training, he succeeded greatly. He was in a high branch in short years for an elf. He was very well-known due to his family’s bloodline of past warriors.

One day, Zolos, Ary, and Zuki all together went on a hunting trip when Zuki came home for a visit with his family for a month, before he had to return back to the military. They were on orcish grounds, a place they were not used to. They didn’t know, until they were ambushed by rougish orcs, both Zolos and Ary died from a sneak attack. Enraged, Zuki attacked them and killed them, mourning for his parents death. He took his father’s sword as proof to his family, that their parents passed away. He forever hated the Orcish race for that very day.

At that point, Zuki left the military when his term was up to help support and protect the remaining family. He was severely depressed overall from the situation, and his family thought it would take a long time for him to recover.