Player Name Asuzu

Character Name: Yukina
Secondary Name: Bunny
Race: Nanabozo
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Men


Height: 5'2
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair Colour: light purple
Eyes Colour: Pink
Skin Tone: classic ivory

She usually wears a white, low cut dress that comes down to just above her mid thigh area with a black belt, black thigh high leggings/sttockings and some white mary janes

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral I guess..probably more toward good

Yukina is very skittish with others at first, mostly because she thinks they're all out to get her and bring her back to her slave master. Once she befriends someone she is very clingy and energetic, but she has a tendency to hide behind them if something scary happens that she wants to stick around to see. She often gets lonely when left alone to long and hums to herself idly when no one pays attention. She gets very angry with dirty people, especially when they try to touch her! She is O.C.D. about being clean. She also gets angry when people mistreat animals. She will cry if someone yells at her and probably run away if they talk too loud.


Character Age: 17
Birthdate: December 15th
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Alchemist by luck? She throws things together and comes out with potions and stuff

Yukina was created in a lab by scientists, but because of her poor vision and general clumsy nature she was considered a failure as a project so they kept her for an extended period of time. She learned things from watching them, but doesn't understand how they work..Just that..well, they work. Unfortunately, reading and writing are hard to learn based on sight alone. Nonetheless, she was still sold into slavery to do household and domestic chores as well as jobs that no one else wanted to do. One night, her slave owner came home very drunk and was attempting to touch on her. This startled her and she rejected pushing him away. He then hit her and she went into panic mode and kicked him away. He landed hard against the table and was knocked unconcious and bleeding. She didn't even look back at him to see if he was okay, just jumped the fence and ran until she found warps throughout the area and used them to flee the area. The man died, but she never learned of this. She still keeps a paranoid eye out for that man, believing he is chasing her. Over the years, she came across a place where slavery is frowned upon, Rune-Midguard. There she stays in the wilderness, usually hiding from people. She has yet to be captured, even though she sometimes wanders into the towns to people-watch out of loneliness.


  • Zuki : "Bunny think hers "love" Zuki…but no know…not sure what mean and how feel…hims say hims love hers, though!"
  • Genghis :"Bad Doggie! Bunny no like! Hims scary.."
  • Aelin :"Kitty! Hims needs to know when joke hurt persons feelings…but hims nice and so hims bird! No eat Bunny!"
  • Kerisu :"Nother Bunny! Hers nice, give Bunny short name. Call Bunny "Yuki"."
  • Stella :"Hers nice, but Jotie act funny around hers…no know why..Hers not scary"
  • Jotie :"Hims nice! Bunny like. Gave bunny carrot cake, but Kitty made hers drop it..make stuff appear from nowheres!"

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Carrot cake:v
Special Skills: She has hightened hearing…can see even though she looks like she could be blind..cooks and cleans very well