Vincent D. Brooks
Player Name Wolfie

Character Name: Vincent Dominic Brooks.
Secondary Name: Dr. Brooks, Brooks.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 5'11".
Weight: 187lb.
Hair Colour: Hazelnut.
Eyes Colour: Aquamarine.
Skin Tone: Von Luschan, 18.

Originally Brooks was a tall, and rather skinny man. Prior to his career in the Runic Military he devoted most of his time to his studies. When he was recruited into the Runic Military he was forced to attend daily drills despite his choosen career as a battle medic, and as a result his body back well defined/strong. Brooks was discharged from his position in the army due to an injure during the end of the war between Rune, and the Republic. While attending to a fallen comrade's wound Brooks was hit in the chest by a round from a sniper (Gunslinger). The wound wasn't deep, and he was able to remove the bullet, and stop the bleeding. Because he didn't attend his wound properly because he was too distracted patching up his comrades, he was left with a nasty star-shaped scar on the right side of his chest. Currently Brooks is still managing a healthy body. He still remains physically fit, he has a strong bold neck, and strong facial disciplined look. He is still tall, and didn't grow much during his military career. Despite his serious opinion Brooks generally holds a joyful smile (& a positive attitude).

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good.

Brooks is a deeply loyal individual — a good example of this was his service as a combat medic. He is often very straightforward, but having been around Sebastian for so long he is starting to pick up slightly on his methodology. Brooks deeply enjoys books, fine arts (acting), and music. He is also a sucker for jokes, and tries to spare no occasion of a good joke. Contradictory to what Sebastian may insist about Brooks' intelligence, Brooks is a highly intelligent man (not as gifted as Sebastian is). What does tend to get Brooks' blood boiling is when his loved ones are in danger or when he is physically incapable of doing something. A rarity in his personality which derived from his days in training for the Runic Army is compulsive gambling. He he catches glimpse of cards or someone play craps he feel obligated to join/gamble. Brooks has been told that he is somewhat of a ladies man by Sebastian (Brooks thinks of it as trying to find true love). Brooks is a delight to have in an open conversation for her polite, and talkative. He is very good around others, and coming from a medical background he knows how to sugar coat things (despite his straightforward persona). Brooks also knows how to talk down high strung situations, and divert people's attention to details through seemingly relevant topics. When Brooks is around Sebastian though he is more reserved, and he seems to play off of Sebastian's words/actions.


Character Age: 28 years old.
Birthdate: January 5th.
Birthplace: Alberta.
Occupation: Doctor, and former combat medic.

Originally Brooks was born in the town of Alberta, but he wasn't raised there. His mother gave birth to Brooks while accompanying her husband on a business trip. Once Brooks was born the family moved to Aldebaren. Being an extremely busy business man Brooks' father was never around, and defaulted to his mother to raise him. Wanting her son to be as wealthy as his father was she wasted no time sending him off school. Seeing how there weren't many place in Aldebaren for him to attend school wise, a private alchemist instructor was hired. What Brooks learned under the mentoring of his instructor lead him to interest in medical science. Once Brooks was 15years old his mother sent him to learn across seas in both Louyang and Amatsu — where he studied medical remedies, and illness. When he was 17 years old he had sent a letter to his mother requesting if she could pay for his expenses to go to Ayothaya. Reluctantly his mother sent him the money, and Brooks went to Ayothaya. In Ayothaya he began putting his knowledge to the test, and became somewhat of a mediocre doctor. Brooks spent a year in Ayothaya attending to the sick, and preforming minor surgeries.

When Brooks turned 18 years old he returned to Aldebaren to visit his mother. It was during this time that Brooks was drafted into the Runic Army. The war had been going on for sometime now, and things were starting to really to get bad on both sides. Brooks not getting the chance to see his mother was escorted to a military training facility. He was trained for only two months — being put through physical drills, and also being trained as a combat medic. What Brooks didn't know was that he was being placing in the former B.C.P., which was now serving as a frontline defense to prevent the Republic from invading into Rune-Midgard. Needless to say Brooks had an exciting career as a combat medic. One month before a cease fire was order Brooks was shoot, and wounded by a sniper. Because he didn't attend to his wound properly it left a nasty scar, and slight breathing problem. This lead to his honorable discharge. Having returned from civilization from the gates of hell, Brooks was given a small military allowance for his service. It was during this time that he bumped into Sebastian, and later became his room mate.


  • Hollin M. Sebastian: Is a brilliant detective Brooks encounter after his honorable discharge from the Runic Army. Not having a residency to return to after his service, Brooks met Sebastian, and the two became room mates. Out of curiosity Brooks went with Sebastian on an investigation about a missing person, and having been highly impressed with Sebastian deductive skills — Brooks decided to permanently accompany Sebastian on future investigations. Despite Sebastian's remarks about Brooks (& vis-versa) they both seem to enjoy each others company.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Tea, biscuits, and apples.
Special Skills: High survival instinct, skilled medical practitioner, and skilled combatant.

  • Brooks never ascend to a high rank in the Runic Army, but he was a highly decorated soldier. Having put himself in the line of fire many times to save his fallen comrades.
  • Brooks loves to read almost about anything. Supplying him with a book is supplying yourself a good standing with him.
  • Because of the wound he received during his last fire-fight he often doubts his physical capabilities, and more often then not will get uncomfortable when having to fight or do something strenuous.