News Letter [October, 2010]

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just around the bend, and what better way to celebrate then with a cool event! Go to Prontera, and help the famous Jack get his pumpkin mojo back! With any event there are cool event rewards! Get a pumpkin hat, some pumpkin pie, or those notorious poring coins! In order to get the poring coins you'll have to collect 'pumpkin lanterns', and give them to Samantha (prontera 150,190).

10 Pumpkin Lanterns = 1 Poring Coin

50 Pumpkin Lanterns = 5 Poring Coins

150 Pumpkin Lanterns = 15 Poring Coins

In addition to this event a new NPC has been placed in the OOC building. This NPC is located in the 'Event Hall', and the NPC allows you to swap in poring coins for items (ex: Bloody Branches, Old Card Albums, Bubble Gum). So with all that being said enjoy yourselves, and have a Happy Halloween!


Go trick or treating. You're never too old for free candy!

Server Release [02/15/10]

Upgrades for Gunslingers:

Improved HP/SP Table.
Increased aspd for everything, but shotgun and launchers.
Chance of casting coma (in Coma-generating GS skills) is now 1%.

Custom Equipment:

Swordsman Figure [1] (ilzude_in 67,176)
Two hand quicken lvl 5, one hand quicken lvl 1, and bash lvl 5.

Mage Figure [1] (geffen_in 176,109)
Firebolt lvl 5, lightning bolt lvl 5, cold bolt lvl 5, and earth spike lvl 5.

Archer Figure [1] (payon_in02 64,78)
Attention concentration lvl 5, and owls eye lvl 5.

Acolyte Figure [1] (prt_chruch 186,12)
Bless lvl 5, increase agi lvl 5, and warp portal lvl 2.

Merchant Figure [1] (alberta_in 75,48)
Enlarge weight cap lvl 5, vend lvl 5, and pushcart lvl 1.

Thief Figure [1] (moc_prydb1 46,133)
Hide lvl 5, chasewalk lvl 1, double attack lvl 5, steal lvl 5, and gank lvl 5.