Character Template

This is just the mandatory things required for a character you're welcome to add things if you'd like. Go above and beyond if you so decide to do so. Remember being very descriptive will help people visualize your character better in game.

[[f>image http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p22/Never_Knows_Best7/yourphotohere.jpg]]
||~ [[span style="color:red"]]Player Name || //Place Your Account Name Here//[[/span]] ||

**Character Name:** Place Your Character Name Here.
**Secondary Name:** Place Your Character's Nickname or Alias Here.
**Race:** Place Your Character's Race Here.
**Gender:** Your Character's Gender  Here.
**Sexual Orientation:** Whether Your Character is Into Men or Woman Here. 

++ __Appearance__

**Height:** Place Your Character's Height Here.
**Weight:** Your Character's Weight Here.
**Hair Colour:** Place Your Character's Hair Colour Here.
**Eyes Colour:** Place Your Character's Eye Colour Here.
**Skin Tone:** Place Your Character's Skin Colour Here.

//This category is the SECOND MOST important! This will help you create the image of your character which will help other players grasp what your character really looks likes because we all know a sprite can't depict the true look we aim for most of the time. So be as detailed as you want to be. Let's us know everything your character wears (optional to say everything) or if your character has multiple wardrobes include that here. Don't be shy let everyone know what your character truly looks like.//

++ __Personality & Mannerisms__

**Disposition:** Whether Your Character is Good/Evil/Nuetral.

//Include the following information such as: how your character acts around others, how your character acts alone, what makes your character happy, and what annoys/pisses off your character.// 

++ __Biography__

**Character Age:** Your Character's Age Here.
**Birthdate:** Your Character's Birthday Here.
**Birthplace:** Your Character's Town of Birth.
**Occupation:** Your Character's Job Here.

//It is optional to include information on your character's past, but it is recommended to build well crafted strong characters. We recommend starting from when your character was a child, and working your way up to his/her current age. What we do require is that you update this section every month or so with incidents that have happened to your character. Our reason for asking this of you is because after you fill this template out your character's story doesn't stop it continues on adding on to the original story of your character. We understand though if this seems like a lot of work so we are fine if you want to start out with limited information here, and then build upon it.//

++ __Acquaintances__ 

* [[[Character Name]]]: Short explanation of encounter, and also determine whether the person is merely an acquaintance/friend/rival/or evil.

++ __Misc Facts__

**Favorite Consumption:** Your Character's Favorite Food. (Optional)
**Special Skills:** Skills Your Character is Known For Here. (Optional)

//Informational things about your character that you feel are random, and don't fall into a specific category should be placed here.// 


* Lark's favorite musical instrument is an Electric Guitar. He enjoys traveling to Amatsu, and sitting under the Cherry Blossoms whiles playing sweet melodies on the guitar.