Technical Support


"Got a problem? Let us know! We're your backup!"

For Forum/Wiki Assistance

For Game/Forum/Wiki/Character Creation Assistance

"Please contact, GM Leeva."

How to Contact Her:

  • moc.liamtoh|swodahs-revlis#moc.liamtoh|swodahs-revlis (she'll receive notices/information the fastest through this email).

If you need to have your name changed to include a ( ' ).
If you need to report any bugs.
If you are having technical difficulties.
If the server goes down (we should know though).
If you need in game assistance.
If you have any question, ask.
If you're having any difficulties, ask.

For Administrative/Character Creation Assistance

"Please contact GM Moshi."

How to Contact Him:

  • moc.liamg|rodnale.tsarov#moc.liamg|rodnale.tsarov (email, GChat, or MSN; the first is forwarded to his iPhone, so responses will be relatively fast)

Contact Moshi in the following situations:

  • If the server goes down and Leeva cannot be reached
  • Questions regarding the specifics of races
  • Offers to volunteer time for serverwork (Please see Man-Hours Recompensation Program before contacting)
  • Suggestions in general
  • Need someone to proof read something.
  • If you need help brain storming.