Specimen L-45 Siriyana

Specimen: MF06L45


Physical Characteristics

Sex: Female
Original Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Silver 'Whites' with red irises
Height: 1.9 m
Weight: 85 kg

Distinguishing Characteristics:
At time of writing, its possible that L-45 has garnered additional distinguishing characteristics. L-45 has an unusual eye color combination, even for MF-06 specimens. The whites are a silver color, while her . Hair color is naturally a 'navy blue,' though differing sightings have shown that L-45 has died her hair multiple times, in an attempt to disguise herself, or at least that is what the current theory is. L-45's skin tone has stayed consistent despite changing of hair color, that of a warm tan. L-45 has also painted a symbol of some sort under her left eye. It is theorized that this is a symbol of affiliation but that has not been confirmed in any way.

Mental Characteristics

Psychological Profile: Chaotic Malevolent

Specimen L-45 has displayed psychopathic tendencies towards anything related to Schwartzvald Armed Forces. From After Action Reports, its clear that L-45 displays sadistic behavior, often slaughtering extraction teams to the man and leaving the last man alive as a 'warning.' L-45, despite this clear psychosis, has enough planning and forethought to ambush those who pursue her.

Field observation of when she has appeared has shown that she has not altered her appearance much, instead she does not stay within the same area for extended periods of time, the longest that our spies have reported upon sighting her is one to two years before disappearing. It is not known where the specimen goes. They have also reported that she takes a decidedly neutral stance in all political affairs of both Arunafeltz, Gonryun and Rune-Midgard. It is currently unknown if she participated in the First War of Rune Aggression.

Additional observation shows that when not in a combat-alert state, L-45 is "serene and calm, showing no emotion to the events and woes of those around her. She does not call anyone 'Friend,' nor does she attempt to drive away any and all contact. Like all beings, she seeks the company of those around her."

It is currently unknown if L-45 has a family unit, surrogate or not.

Background Information

Editor's Note: The information contained within this section may or may not be accurate, details have been conflicting.

Aliases: "Siriyana. Altirae. Aventhel. Savarti. Lumina. Savarashi."
Projected Birth: 3005
Projected Age: 140
Birth place: -REDACTED-
-Professional Soldier
-Thief Catcher

Specimen L-45 was created at Facility -REDACTED-, with best guess at 3005. Project MF-06 has no known life-span. Visual observations of the subject have been correlated between multiple sources; L-45 looks like a borderline middle-aged woman and has completely stopped aging past that point. After escaping the catastrophe at Facility -REDACTED-, she too disappeared into the masses. Spies over the decades have reported sightings of her, all as different professions, chosen seemingly at random but all take advantage of her unique physiology. Additional observations have raised the question of her being able to do any role possible, having exhibited a wide skill set ranging from basic 'Divine' magic and arcane magic, to effective stealth.

Extraction Teams must take this skill set into account, as it has probably been the end of previous extraction teams. Her location is currently unverified but best guess places her in the Payon-Alberta area where her current occupation is that of a hunter and mercenary, willing to take a job for the right price. Spies in the area have been ordered to not try and detain her, lest she discover our networks in the area.