Skuld Kiernansdottir
Player Name LupaPup

"You do not corner a wolf, holding your hands up to ward him off, speaking in kind soft tones.

He will not understand your words - just your actions." - Skuld Kiernansdottir

Character Name: Skuld Kiernansdottir
Secondary Name: Skuld
Race: Lupus?
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 5’6
Weight: 127 lbs.
Hair Colour: Honey blond
Eyes Colour: Violet
Skin Tone: Softly tanned

Skuld takes after her father height wise, towering over her mother and other siblings, though still shorter then her father she takes pride in being closer to his height then anyone else in their family. Keeping her hair long by choice she spends a fairly lengthy bit of time brushing it and caring for it each day. Oddly enough her hair isn’t dyed, she some how managed to get the blond color naturally from her light haired parents.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic good

Skuld is very much her fathers daughter, friendly and pleasant to be around, though not specifically outgoing she will go out of her way to assist those who need it. Of her siblings she is the voice of reason and often sides with her father when it comes to her mothers wellbeing. She is a very open-minded individual for most anything, enjoying listening to what others have to say. Though she is a strong believer in Thor and the other Norse gods.

She is close to both of her parents though she often asks her father about what life was like before her mother, and even after. She finds it hard to picture the shy and insecure woman Kiernan describes Ilya as when they first met. Though she doesn't doubt his words - even less when she was also descibed to cover that with anger.

When in a situation which has her cornered Skuld will do her best to talk her way out of the situation instead of fighting through it - it isn’t that she can’t fight it’s that she chooses not to.


Character Age: Biologically 17, Chronologically 8
Birthdate: March 15th
Birthplace: Veins
Occupation: Monster tamer

According to known science, Skuld should not exist. The birthchild of a Lupus and an MF-06, a race thought previously to be infertile, she defies all expectations of science by her mere existence. It is unknown what the effects of the MF-06 blood in her will do, though she appears to mature faster then other children her age - even for a lupus girl. It is expected that she will outlive the normal lifespan of a Lupus as well, though only time will tell.

Skuld grew up in Veins, her parents moving to the desert town roughly a year before the war broke out between Rune and Schwartzvald. She has always known her father is an MF-06, and knows better then to speak about it to anyone. Growing up she spent much of her time in the monster infested areas outside of town, learning eventually to tame animals through much work and various items. She holds adventure close to her heart but fame and glory does not interest her like many others she sees.


  • Kiernan Telari: Skuld's father, he is responsible for the MF-06 half of her bloodline. They are fairly close in terms of relationship.
  • Ilya Telari: Skuld's mother, she is responsible for the Lupus half of her bloodline. They are close in family relationships though Skuld finds her mothers wolfish nature out of place.
  • Halbyr O'Malley: A regular at her fathers shop. Halbyr took Skuld to Thor's Forge. She enjoys his company but feels childish when he has to correct her use of her spells.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Fish cooked over a camp fire.
Special Skills: Animal Empathy, Human Empathy, Negotiation skills, Wilderness survival

  • Like many of her family Skuld is knows much about the Eddas and the old gods, taking particular interest in Odin and Thor. If asked she will often retell stories from the Eddas to anyone who will listen. Though she will not push her beliefs on them, she will not tolerate those disrespecting Thor in any manner.