Sithe Strife
Player Name Jotie

Character Name: Sithe Strife
Secondary Name: ((Use at your own saftey)) Shortie. Midget. Tiny. Fox Warrior. Angry Man.
Race: Kumiho
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Height: 4'6"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Colour: Dark Green
Eyes Colour: Dark Green
Skin Tone: Light

His hair is pretty long, going down past his shoulders. He isn't very tall at all for his age. Can be mistaken as a kid at most part. He has several types of wounds upon his body from different types of fighting. He has a noticeable scar that he got from getting cut across his right eye that he covered up with most of his hair.

Personality & Mannerisms

A bit of a troubled fellow. He rarely communicates with others. He usually responds when he has to. He is pretty bright, but he tends to get angry easily. His manners around the table is a little dog-like, eating anything with his hands and licking the plate after he is finished with the food.

Disposition: Chaotic Neutral

His attitude around others are a bit neutral, but he really hates it when he hears the word, 'short' in any sentence. He doesn't normally warm up with others easily, but he will, if that person or group doesn't pick on him too much. Upon being by himself, he broods and think out loud.


Character Age: 12
Birthdate: Jan 19, 3143
Birthplace: Lutie
Occupation: Rent-a-Warrior. Or a hired swordsman. You choose the title.

Upon birth, he was a bit of an angsty child. He was raised carefully by two other Kumihos, before they passed away at his age of 2.

He had to fend for himself, which probably made him lose most of his childhood. He mostly trained in the woods, until he managed to make enough money from selling furs to merchants to buy a two-handed sword.

He spent most of his time at Lutie, before moving off into more populated areas in order to earn more money and make a name for himself.

Most of the time now these days, he broods and watches people he meets, but rarely socialize with them. He tends to be negative to himself, but gives others morale and credit to them, as if he is trash, but they are worthy for the greater good.


  • Foxtrot McGraw: He's quite a mellow character, but a bit clumsy when he reads and walks at the same time. But yeah, I think he's a good enough guy to be with, if that is he doesn't walk over your face first. ((Neutral, but would trust him enough to defend when needed.))
  • Jotie Tamaro: He's a nice guy, considering we're close to the same height. At first, I thought he was a kid, until he told me his age. You know, I wouldn't mind having him back me up with his magic. He's kinda childish about everything. But as I watch him, he seems to show a sign of worries and over-thinking a situation. ((Neutral, but would trust him enough to defend when needed.))
  • Krystal Tamaro: I don't know if this girl was dropped on the head, or if she's always been like this! But yeah, I guess she's a nice enough person.. I still think she's a Crazy Elf Lady, considering the fact she acts way too nice to everyone. If anyone wants to escape from her, grab your least favorite shiny object like a coin of zeny, and throw it as far as you can across her face and she'd chase it like a puppy would do with a ball. Adorable, but useful. ((Neutral, but would trust her enough to avoid her as much as he can.))
  • Zuki Tamaro: This guy seems to be a bit of an angry guy, really. Shouting stuff swear words and I think would probably pick fights. Well, as long as he knows Jotie is my friend, he's going to consider me as a friend too. I just hope it stays that way. ((Neutral, but would trust him enough to not trust him behind his back.))

Misc Facts

Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Alcohol: Doesn't drink
Special Skills: None really. Pretty average Joe.
Favorite Animal: Wolves
Favorite Color: Green