Schwaltzvalt Laws

"Schwartzvald favors an ‘Eye for an eye’ system for punishments"

1.) Destroying the property of a citizen of the Schwartzvald Republic warrants the offender pay for the repairs of make them himself, and lose of property equal to the damage.

2.) Avoiding taxes owed to the Republic is viewed as theft to the entire nation. Offenders will be fined, or lose all their possessions, as well as loss of citizenship in Schwartzvald until the fines can be paid.

3.) Acts of open violence in public areas, for citizens, will land an offender in jail. Non-citizens will be looked upon as a threat, and treated with strictly. Resistance can result in death of the offender.

  • Unofficially, the poor of the slums are treated the same as non-citizens.

4.) Murder has but one punishment. The offender is put to death. In events of self defense, the Republic will excuse the act. If an accident, punishment is left to the judge.

5.) If found guilty of theft, the stolen property will be returned to the offended. The offended is also compensated for the theft, and allowed an equal amount of the offenders theft, with interest based on how long it takes to find the offender guilty.

6.) Slave races must wear their collar at all times within Schwartzvald Republic’s boundaries. If a slave is seen without, a collar will be strapped on, and previous ownership revoked (One time warning).

  • Such slaves belong to the Schwartzvald Republic, and therefore serve as a public slave. Damages to the public slave will result in fines. Public Slaves may be purchased if so desired.

7.) Slaves with the intent of public sexual service is strictly regulated. All such slaves must be officially dubbed such a slave and are constantly monitored to prevent the spread of diseases.


8.) Traitorous acts against the Schwartzvald Republic is warrant of exile or execution depending on the severity of the act.

Unofficial Laws

Openly speaking out against the Schwartzvald Republic’s decisions, opinions, or government acts; or slandering the nation’s good name is not tolerated. Those who entertain such acts often disappear quietly in the night.