Player Name Sakura

"What is the point of beating someone half to death using nothing but a whip and then giving her a gun? And do you know what the saddest part about that is? I respect Master all the more for it…" - Sakura

Character Name: Sakura
Secondary Name:
Race: Ailouros
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Unsure


Height: 4"10
Weight: 102
Hair Colour: Violet
Eyes Colour: Violet
Skin Tone: Pale

Sakura is short, even by Ailouros standards at a small 4"10. Most other races tower over her when she stands besides them. Her Ailouros features are not overly defined. She has small ears and a short tail compared to other Ailouros. She looks frail and weak, perhaps from months of malnourishment or not eating at all. Her skin is nearly milky white, signs of almost never leaving the house. Her eyes, once the beautiful shining rare violet orbs of an Ailouros, now have no shine left to them. They now seem to be dulled by pain and sadness. Her face, usually expressionless, is very rarely seen smiling. She does not have a rather shapely figure; her breasts seem small or average size at best, a sensitive matter for her, since she wishes they were bigger.

Sakura's color is violet. She wears a white and violet top that accentuates her physique with violet pants that flare near the knees. Her violet clothing match her eyes and hair, which is let down to the small of her back and tied by a black ribbon in the shape of a poring. While her favorite color is violet, her master makes her wear this overabundance of color out of disrespect for her. Her hair is naturally violet, though.

"I shall obey, Master." - Sakura

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Neutral

Born into slavery, Sakura was taught at an early age the difference between obeying your master and obeying other humans. She knows to listen to her master first and foremost above all else, despite how ridiculous or dangerous the request or command might be. For this reason, she has no real knowledge of the difference between what is right and what is wrong - everything the master says is right.

As a slave, she leads as normal a life as a slave girl leads. She does what she's commanded to do or she faces the consequences. Years of this training and abuse has conditioned her to heed commands from all humans without thought unless it poses her danger, and then again, if her master commands it, she will do it. As such, she almost never looks anyone in the eye - rather, she stares at people's shoes or the ground in general, avoiding obstacles by noticing where they are walking or standing. Her answers are usually short and curt, a response to the years of training. She is terribly afraid of all humans but will do as commanded by them. The other furred races usually pay her little attention - they are in their own predicaments unique to their situation. She has developed a mistrust for all non-Ailouros races since she has suffered at their cruel hands. Her experience with the Alfar is limited - not many visit Yuno, but there is one distinct memory she'll never forget about one Svartalf who aided her one day. She believes that all Svartalf are as nice as the one who helped her.

During her short brief times alone, Sakura prefers solitude over seeking company. If there's no company, people cannot command her to do what they wish. She'll usually spend her time cramped in her small room reading whatever book she can find laying around. She enjoys the room because, while it is small, she is never far from her master. When allowed time outside, she travels to remote parts of Yuno and trains herself with the use of the little revolver, a toy for children her master got for her. Sakura also deals with her life by escaping into the world of songs, often writing her own in order to escape her daily life. She keeps a record of them hidden in her room.

"Why do you speak bad about Master? Master gives me a home. Master gives me a bed. I'd rather be alone with Master than just alone." - Sakura


Character Age: 7
Birthdate: February 29
Birthplace: Yuno.
Occupation: Slave

Sakura does not know much about her early years. The earliest memories she has is of her master. Her origins, if she was born outside of Yuno, remains a mystery he won't divulge. Her first memories are of her Master, a man named Garren. Sakura learned early that he will be addressed as Master and only Master. Garren did not like to be called Master Garren and god forbid she called him by his first name only.

Sakura learned quickly from Garren. He used particular methods of teaching that motivated her to learn quickly. He particularly liked the whip against her back. And so began the informal teaching of Sakura at the hands of her master. Garren taught her the value of listening, being prompt, and to always listen to your master. To this day, Sakura fears the mention of the whip. When she is scared, she involuntarily hides her back against walls to protect herself.

As she grew older, Garren began feeding her less, eventually to the point that she had needed to find a source of food outside of Master Garren's household. He used to tell her that it will help her be resourceful. So she scrounged for morsels wherever she went, resorting to eating food found on the ground or begging for it from other slaves. When Master Garren found her begging, he had dragged her home and lashed her back so hard for such a long period of time that the skin on her back still has not recovered. It was also at this points the verbal abuse began. After he found her begging, he began inviting brothel owners to the house for an exchange in merchandise. Sakura goes to the brothel and and more obedient woman goes to him. When she heard the deal going on, Sakura begged for forgiveness in front of the brothel owners, pleading with him, that she'd never disobey him every again. He would often laugh and kick her away, more often than not forcefully enough to draw blood.

After a while, she began to know where to look for food. There were many places that had expired food thrown out and she would often dig through the garbage looking for scraps of food that could be salvaged. When Master Garren discovered this behavior, he rewarded her with toy pistols. Sakura was overjoyed at the reward. She treasured the pistols and still carries them to this day. When she received them, at every moment she had a spare second, she would practice her aim, attempting to be the best shot in order to please Master Garren with her progress. He spotted her progress and gave her actual real pistols. She learned to care for them, to fix and repair them within seconds and treasure them as the first real gift Master Garren afforded for her. With these pistols, she also earned her first responsibility outside the household - whatever Master Garren commands her to do with her pistols.


  • Garren: Master Garren is Sakura's owner and master. She will do as commanded by him. She both fears him and respects him as a great and powerful man.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Any
Special Skills: Sharpshooting

"Where do you want me to go next, Master? - Sakura