Runic Laws

"Respect to the crown"

1.) Acts of open violence, disregarding the safety of his Royal Majesty; King Tristan the Third’s subjects is warrant for time in a Dungeon, public flogging, and time in the Stocks. If the case is severe, the unwanted may be Hanged.

2.) Unwarranted use of Offensive Magic is especially frowned upon:

  • Destroying the property of the citizens of His Royal Majesty; King Tristan The Third is warrant for a fine, and manual labor until the property is restored or until the offended is appeased, should it be beyond repair.

3.) Avoiding Taxes owed to His Royal Majesty; King Tristan The Third is warrant a fine, along with dues payed, loss of nobility status, if any, loss of military status, if any, loss of merchant’s license, if any, and time in the stocks.

4.) Enslavement of the Furred races, or any other citizen of Rune-Midgard is strictly against Runic law. However, no set punishment is set in place. Instead, the offender is at the court of High Justice's mercy, be it exile or public execution. Some times both.


Traitorous acts against the The Crown are defined as acts that endanger The Royal Family, His Majesty; King Tristan The Third, or Rune-Midgard. Such Acts are warrant of Public Flogging, and Exile or Execution.

High Treason

5.) Acts against The Crown, such as assassination attempts against the Royal Family or His Majesty, King Tristan The Third’s Agents; impersonating Royalty, Nobility, or His Royal Majesty; King Tristan The Third’s Agent’s, including but not excluded to, The King’s Knights, The King’s Diplomats; or The Royal Guard are warrant of Public Execution.