Rayne Rasenthral
Player Name LupaPup

"Never ignore evil." - Rayne Rasenthral

Character Name: Rayne Rasenthral
Secondary Name: Rain, Rainy
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual


Height: 5'4
Weight: 134
Hair Colour: Blond
Eyes Colour: Red
Skin Tone: Pale

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition:Neutral Good

Rayne's face is almost always unreadable, she handles stressful situations in a very calm manner. She forces a smile, even when offended or annoyed. Rayne is cold and logical in her thinking style which can confuse her peers when she does not explain her reasonings behind an action. Without being told directly it is almost impossible for others to understand what she is exactly thinking.


Character Age: Biologically 22
Birthdate: April 19th
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Alchemist

Rayne grew up in Lighthalzen, where owning slaves were a common place thing. In her neighbor hood, it was nearly unheard of to not have a furred working in your household. Despite her teachings all while growing up that furred were created by humans to serve humans. She believed they had souls. Though her household kept many slaves and used them however they would. Rayne did her best to learn to take care of herself when her parents weren't watching.

Interested in alchemy from a young age, she did her best to speak with each of the furred in her house, eventually becoming close friends with an elderly Lupus female who could recall several stories she had heard floating around Lighthalzen from the Rekenber employees. Rayne when she was able to enrolled in the School of Alchemy located in Lighthalzen, catching on quickly to the formulas and procedures involved in alchemy Rayne excelled in her class, receiving several instances of funding from Rekenber to assist her in her schooling.

Though it was expected by both her parents and her teachers she would go to work at Rekenber after she graduated Rayne knew that she had no interest in creating life forms, or creating poison bombs for the war which was waging outside of Lighthalzen. Deciding on the life of a pharmacist and having no real method of defending herself, Rayne bought an Ailouros by the name of Tamar. She's done her best to explain to him that she will not harm him, that she herself would have a hard time defending herself against him. (Something she relies on the collars magics to stop him from harming her.)

She has done her best to treat him the best she can, though he seems rather quiet she hopes he will warm up to her. She's avoided talking to him about his life before they met though she is extremely curious. Tamar himself is rather obedient, assisting her in her tasks of gathering various ingredients for her potions and the like. Rayne is uncomfortable with the idea of relying on Tamar for so much, but she knows she has no real choice in the matter.


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Apples
Special Skills: Hunting, Tracking, Wilderness Survival, Monster Care