Raim Darah
Player Name Jotie

Character Name: Raim Darah
Secondary Name: Blind Archer. The Blind Poor Guy. That Blind Guy with the Bow.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 176 lbs
Hair Colour: White
Eyes Colour: Silver with white irises
Skin Tone: Regular white (Human skin tone)

He has a cut on his lower jaw. His eyes shows blindness. He has some muscles, though not apparent through clothing. Very slender and lean. He isn't the strongest-looking out there.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good

The way he acts around others is respecting everyone and show kindness, no matter where people were from. He likes to make blind jokes as well with people. He enjoys talking, as well as listening to others. He feels sorry for the furred people, wanting to protect them, but he has no choice, considering he is poor. His manners around others is being respectful, as well as his dining, which is eating with utensils and only eat food with hands if they are hand-held foods. If he was ever in a fight, he would try to avoid it by telling them upon why would they challenge a blind man? He is mostly telling the truth, for the fact his archery is more for show, than for protection. He plans to use his money that he makes for his shows, in order to buy a slave and hopefully make them into a friend, so that they would be with him to help him out for that reason.


Character Age: 25
Birthdate: Oct 13th, 3130
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Professional gunslinging.

He was born blind in Lighthalzen on Oct 13th, 3130. Even blind, he had quite a good hearing ability for that. He also was trained with guns by his dad, regardless of him being blind. Though, his father figured it wouldn’t be good for him to train with guns, so instead, his father trained him with bows.

He had a friend, which he later found out was a slave to his family, named Rah. He taught him about the furrs and how they are enslaved. Raim wanted to help, but he didn't know how.

As Raim turned 16, he returned home from school, only to find out his parents were dead and Rah was missing. Ever since, he lived alone, until he lost the house, and had to fend for himself, showing off his skills with his archery in order to make money.

He has practiced detecting people near him by hearing their sounds, predicting their mass and distance only by sounds. He isn't the best, but he has been practicing that ever since he was born, so it made him a slightly more challenge if people tried to attack him.


  • Aelin: He is a very nice man with a good heart. Even though he did challenge me in a duel, I had to tell him the honest truth that I would most likely lose due to my handicap. It was strange for him to challenge me, but finding out he was of a furred made me realize upon why he requested a duel with me. He has a good heart. He will be trusted by me, even if he doesn't trust me. ((Good alignment. Would like to help him in any way possible))
  • Canas Va'althal von Rorhas: I've never heard of an Alfar or a Svartalf before in my life. Meeting one in person is a blessing. I know by experience that I've met one, since he sounds and talks much of the past. I cannot pinpoint of which race he is, but he is one of those high bloods that my mother speak of in books. Although I believe in my heart he doesn't trust me, I only want to show my respect and show that I want to respect him back. I just want everyone to be happy and care for each other. ((Good alignment. Would like to help him in any way possible))
  • Delilah: Such a playful furred! I really love her personality. I am very happy to meet such a happy person in my life. If only people acted almost more like her, everyone would be happy. Though, our meeting was short and brief, it was very lovable and caring. ((Good alignment. Would like to help her in any way possible))
  • Edan Fuinur Paisean: This man also sounds like one of those high bloods that my mother speaks of in books. It is quite an honor to meet one. Though, I feel saddened that he seems to ignore most of me. I believe I know the reason why, my alliance being part of the Schwartz Republic. I respect the man for that. Although the alliance I am with currently is not doing its best for enforcing slavery, I only wish for forgiveness for what my alliance is doing is wrong, and would hope things will change in the future. Maybe I should tell him if I ever meet the high blood again of what I want to do to try and alter the Schwartz's ideals of slavery into making them free, instead of slaves. All I could do is change it in anyway possible. ((Good alignment. Would like to help him in any way possible))

Misc Facts

Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Drink: Apple Juice
Favorite Alcohol: Ale
Special Skills: Shooting moving targets blindly almost easily by predictions. Also able to predict attack patterns and attempting to dodge them.
Extras of the Special Skills: Although his predictions are flawless, it does leave him open for any attacks that would follow. Multiple noises would confuse him in heats of battle, which would make him almost useless in a fight. There has been cases of him defending the wrong person he meant to protect at times. There are other times that he accidentally shoots the wrong targets upon multiple enemies when he is upon allies. Overall, he would rather have a friend by his side to protect him, and use his skilled archery for making money.