Patrick Twoheart
Player Name Twoheart

Character Name: Patrick Twoheart
Secondary Name: Pat
Race: Kumiho
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eyes Colour: Amber
Skin Tone: White

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral Good

Patrick tends to keep to himself, mostly thinking about his next step or the next spell he will cast. He might seem aloof and estranged from others, but in reality he's just thinking too much. He is quite the bookworm, though not to the point of reclusion. He prefer to read when surrounded by nature instead of surrounded by walls. He also has that weird taste of reading when surrounded by people he trust, saying that it help him concentrate more. He HATES slavery, and would rather die than be enslaved.


Character Age: 12
Birthdate: April 13th
Birthplace: In the wilderness near Prontera
Occupation: Wizard( Runic Magic Researcher)
Patrick came to life in the wilderness. His mother, a runaway slave, gave birth to him before reaching Prontera. She tried her best to reach the capital but felled to sickness before reaching it, leaving her baby alone with no hopes of survival.
It took several hours before lady luck showed up. The baby's cries attracted a group of soldier who were on their way back to the capital. Sadden by the sight of the dead Kumiho mother holding her child, one of the soldier decide to bring the baby back to Prontera with him before taking a few days of leave to head to Geffen.
There he offered the child to his sister, a wizard of the tower who could spare time between her researches to take care of him. She happily raised the child, giving him the first name of Patrick and her family name of Twoheart, surprised at how fast he grew up.
It's during that time that Patrick learned of the sad reality of being one of the Furred. A few travelers from the Republic where visiting Geffen for some odd reason. Not knowing what they were, Patrick saluted them like he would have any other human.
They answered with smiles and even asked if he wanted some sweets. The young Kumiho happily followed them to a secluded part of the city. There, they tried to kidnap him. He managed to get away from them, with his young brain still not understanding why they had suddenly tried to knock him out.
He ran with all his heart to the nearest public place, where people and guards could help him out. Meeting a guard just as the travelers turned the corner; he accused them of assaulting him. The guard started to give pursuit telling to the young boy to head back home.
They were rapidly arrested and the town guards showed up at his house. They explained to his mother that they were a band of slavers who tried to capture Furred from Rune to bring them back to Schwartzvald so could sell them.
The young boy took note of the information, which later turned into hatred for anyone of the republic who accepted slavery.
As time went by Patrick started to grow fond of reading. His mother looked in silent awe as her Furred son devoured several manuscript of wizardry. The young Kumiho also showed signs of gift in the arcane arts, delighting his mother who started to prepare her child for a path in the arcane world.
With his mother's blessing, Patrick headed to the mage guild of Geffen resolute to pass his test in one try. Patrick passed several hours concocting the demanded potion and was reward with an above-average grade. Running back to his mom with a great smile, the Kumiho proudly announced he was now a mage and was going on a journey to develop his skills and quench his thirst for knowledge.
Time has passed since then, Patrick as grown into a fine Kumiho. The intellectual still roams Rune and the neighbouring countries in search of some of its most guarded secrets.
Recently, Patrick as taken a liking to hanging out in Payon he met a group of furred and an alfar of whom he enjoyed the joyful company. There he also met an enslaved Ailouros, Ruri. He tried to convince her to ditch the republic but to no avail. He met her later at the Amatsu castle while looking for his cousin. After an intense talk, he managed to convince her of staying in Runes, or so he thought as she eclipsed during the night to rejoin the republic. He is quite depressed over this since then and seems to be cold to anyone. After finding her in Aldebaran again, he learn that she was working for the Kiel university. Hearing about some dangerous thing going on, he convinced Laurel to send him to the university. There he watched over the building while hiding in the wilds. He later heard the aftermath of the Kiel incident and managed to get into contact with Ruri again. Telling him she would meet him in Izlude the two friends reunited for a third time. He convinced her to stay once and for all and, with the help of a passing Alfar named Cap'n Ketch, freed her from slavery. He took Ruri to his house, doing is best to teach her what freedom was and trying to bury her old slave habits. One day when Ruri was sick in bed, Patrick had to force feed her medicine. It ended in an embarassing kiss for Patrick, who unsure of what was going on with him anymore, asked for help from his friends in Payon. The ailouros Zuri diligently explained to him that he had fallen quite hard for Ruri and helped him deal with it. He later discovered a man named Aror Tyral might have heard of Maria, Ruri's sister. Having promised to Ruri that he would find her sister and reunite them, Patrick as been searching for the man but never manage to catch him yet.


  • Ruri: Patrick is anxious about Ruri. He really wants to help her free herself from the claw of the republic. Now that she have run way to the republic while he was sleeping, he fears for her safety and hopes with all his heart he would be able to see her again. After meeting up with her again after the Kiel incident, Ruri was freed for good. With the help of Jack Ketch they manage to free Ruri from the system. Patrick offered to share is house with her in Geffen while she learns about her new life. He has also fallen in love with the Ailouros girl, but hasn't anything to her about it yet.
  • Hyamda: Patrick's Cousin. A half-Lupus/Human knight from Amatsu. His father was the man who brought Patrick to his adoptive mother. Since they could have ended up as brothers, Hyamda see's him as an older sibling often relying on him.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Patrick never seems to get enough of Cake
Special Skills: Patrick tends to write a lot, about what happened to him, what could happen to him, who he met and what learned
Patrick is researching a way to use Ancient rune magic to power up his arcane powers.