Page Creation

Creating a Character Page

"Eight simple steps to help you create a character page. Follow this quick/easy guide and be underway to creating your first character (character page)."

Step 1: On the left side menu, click "Characters".


Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page, there are a number of buttons in the bottom right side. (Edit, Tags, History, Ect.) Click "Edit"


Step 3: This will bring you to a page you will be allowed to type in. This step is important! Please move to the last line written, click enter. An asterisk (*) will appear.


Step 4: In this step you will need to add three left square brackets. After the brackets are in place, type your characters name. (Please us Capitals where needed!) Close with three right square brackets. (Brackets are are: ] right, [ left).


Step 5: Scroll down on the page, and there should be a button that says "Save". Click it. This will bring you to the "Characters" page, your character name will appear in red near at the bottom of the page.


Step 6: Click the red link, and you will be brought to a page that says. "The page does not (yet) exist." Lower on the page, you will see "Create Page" Click that.


Step 7: This will open a page which involves even more typing! Now, at this point you should have a character in mind. But don't worry! All you need to do is fill in the template! Which can be found here: templates

Step 7B: Filling out the character template. Here's a run down of what you need.

Please keep in mind, you can only leave the page inactive for 15 minutes before it locks you out. Each time you press a key the 15 minutes is renewed. If you need to leave for an extended period of time, make sure to save your profile so you will not lose it!

The title of the page should be the name of your character.

For the image of your character. Replace with the URL in the template, (Again, nothing more.) With the URL of your characters picture.

Second thing to remember, only remove the part that says "Text-here", the spaces around the text should stay where they are.

The template is very straight forward. Player would be your username. Then after that everything is about your character. Take your time, and remember you can always add to your character when you deem something important. Character development is a big part of roleplay!


Step 8: Now, all of your profile is set up. Your characters information is written down, and all that's left to do it save it. Scroll down and you will see the "Save" button once again. Click it, you will be brought to your character profile page. Remember just because you read something on a characters profile, does not make it common knowledge to the entire world, private thoughts, fears, belifes that are included on the profile are known by the character and the character only. The only time this changes is if the character shares this information with another character. Profiles provide a better example of what a character looks like, outside of the small sprites we use in game. Please enjoy your stay at Γένεση RO.


If you do everything correctly your name will appear as the same color as everyone else on the character page.