Opsend kerisuri

Character Name: Opsend
Secondary Name: Fluffy
Race: Nanabozho
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Mostly Hetero


Height: 5'4", not counting the ears
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Colour: Grey
Eyes Colour: dull blue
Skin Tone: rosy

Opsend was bred to be cuddly and gentle. His angora hair and ears are as soft as his facial features. He is more than a bit scruffy-looking with his ragamuffin Manteu, which he wears over a low-cut airy bard shirt and tight pants. Opsend has a large scar where his tail used to be.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Good
Opsend is kind-hearted, gentle, and he loves children. He is a dramatic storyteller and a fine musician. Opsend will tell you that he takes criticism well, but he really doesn't. He hates to be left out of conversations, but prefers to stay out of a fight.


Character Age: 25
Birthdate: October 10th
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: wandering bard

Opsend was bought by the Lighthalzen Public School district. After complaints from Elementary school teacher that they weren't being payed enough, they were slowly and systematically replaced with slaves. They taught Opsend enough so that he could teach kindergarten; unlike most slaves, he could read and write. The children loved him, and he loved them. They always loved story time… Opsend would tell them stories, some of which had a moral message. This was all well and good until he started telling stories that promoted Racial equality and anti-slavery sentiments. The School District returned Opsend to Rekenber, where he spent a brief stint as a breeding rabbit before he was bought by a playwright/director named Sander Cohen. Sander preferred using furred slaves as actors in his productions, because you could tell them to "Dance Better", and they would. Also, due to his falling popularity, he had a limited budget. He taught Opsend how to play stringed and wind instruments, as well as the piano. A born showman, Opsend loved to sing, dance, and act. He thought he must be the luckiest slave ever, to get to do exactly what he wanted… But, in order to afford his slaves, Sander had to find other ways to make money. One of which was to rent out his rabbits to local pleasure pits. Opsend was rented out to a gay S&M club, which he hated and has tried to block out from his mind.
But still, it was a better life than most slaves, he thought. He got cheering crowds and adoring fans… But as Sander fell on hard times, he had to sell some of his slaves. The night Opsend was to be sold, he waited outside the office until the transaction was complete. Then, the door opened and he saw his new master… the man from the club! Opsend shook in fear, and his eyes darted around the room for a way out. He knew there was a knife in the drawer of the table behind him, and the window was halfway open. Sander took off Opsend's collar, and before the club owner could put on his new one, he kicked him hard, grabbed the knife from the drawer, and made a dash for the window. He leapt out, but Sander and the club owner had him by the tail. He was hanging out of the window, his neck to far away to be collared, but still not free. In desperation to escape, Opsend took the knife, and with a few forceful hacks, managed to chop off his own tail, and fall to freedom.
He found his way to Payon, where he met many new friends. The most important of which was Laurel, a hot-blooded Alfar sniper who tried to get him to fight better. He wasn't very good at fighting monsters, as his heart just wasn't into it. But when the war came, he joined to fight for a cause he believed in and was willing to die for. Near the end of the war, Opsend killed one of his former students. He didn't think that any of them would be old enough to join the army. Horrified at what he had done, He deserted the army, and fled to the island nations.


  • Zuri: Opsends' opinion of Zuri changed drastically after he saw her in action. He used to think she was lazy and selfish
  • Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu: Laurel holds a special place in Opsend's heart, He came back to Rune simply to be with her, again
  • Ilya Telari: Opsend knows her as the touchy wife of Kiernan Telari. She took offense when Laurel mistook her for Ilya.
  • Kiernan Telari: When Laurel mentioned she wasn't fond of murder, he beat her to the ground. He is obviously a vicious and disturbed Psychopath.
  • Delilah: The little Lupus girl loves Opsend's company almost as much as he loves hers.
  • Stellatrine Verdant: A sweet, shy Alfar lady who is an excellent cook.
  • Gaidal Cain: An ailouros sniper that for some reason, hates Nanabozho
  • Jack Ketch: Jack is an insufferably self-centered Alfar who seems obsessed with money… He did, however, feed Opsend

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: tropical fruits
Special Skills: He can play the harmonica, Banjo, Violin, guitar, bass, bongos, steel drums, piano, harp, flute, Saxaphone, Xylophone, trumpet, trombone, Mandolin, ukelele, bagpipes, acordian, and Chello.

Opsend is a vegetarian, but will eat cooked meat if it is given as a gift, or if he truly has nothing else to eat