Nina Varoom
Player Name Jotie

Character Name: Nina Varoom
Secondary Name: Catling Gunner. The Strange One.
Race: Aliouros
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair Colour: Red
Eyes Colour: Amber
Skin Tone: light (human skin tone)

Nina usually keeps her hair up in a bun of some sort. She is a beautiful person, having 32 DD breasts and a simple body frame. She usually wears long clothing to cover most of her body. She has multiple scars everywhere on her body, including some on her face. Most of them looks like whip scars. Some scars are also from knives and various tools. Along her arm and parts of her neck she has noticeable needle pricks upon them.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good

She is very shy around others. She is mainly scared of humans, and sometimes Lupus races too. She doesn't trust many people as of yet, being too afraid to talk to others. However, when she does warm up to someone, she tends to be a bit more social-able. She gets really shy around male Aliouros.


Character Age: 17
Birthdate: July 4th, 3138
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Traveling cook

Nina was born in Lighthalzen, and then when she come of age, being raised as a good-natured girl, was soon sold to some humans, who happened to use her as a sex slave, as well as being forced to be a servant of him. She has been lashed quite a few times as she grew up for either disobeying, or for messing something up that happened to be minor.

One day, she was then rescued by another human, who killed her slave driver, freeing him from the clutches. The male soon took her in, in hoping to make her become stronger in order to be able to survive in the world. He moved her location far away, into the cold climate Lutie, upon where she got a new identity as Nina Varoom. She soon took hold of that name.

The human soon gave her a Gatling gun, in order for her only to use it when things get dire, before he took off. Nina soon decided to travel around the world, learning to cook and find a mate that she could be with, so she could start a healthy family.


  • None as of yet

Misc Facts

Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite Drink: Herbal Honey Tea
Favorite Alcohol: None. "Drugs are bad!" - Nina
Special Skills: Able to carry a Gatling gun with one hand
Extra reason behind Skills: The reason being that she is able to carry such a huge weapon is that she trained her upper body a lot to get a good physique. And the reason why the human gave her a Gatling gun for protection is said that he wanted her to look intimidating enough that people would leave her alone.