Niles Serris
Player Name Serris

Character Name: Niles Serris
Secondary Name: none
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 121 lb
Hair Colour: Brown.
Eyes Colour: Green.
Skin Tone: Light.

//Wears a white coat and smokes a cigerette from time to time. his appearance is that of a young scientist. //

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Evil.

Niles is a bit of a cliptomaniac taking things he realy wants without asking. He is often at times rude selfish and condesending. dispite his bad nature he never resorts to violence other then to protect his own life.


Character Age: 36 years.
Birthdate: October 11th 3119
Birthplace: Yuno.
Occupation: Pharmicist/illegal drug maker.

Having lived in yuno for most of his life he was born into a rich family. after studdying in yuno accademy he joined the alchemist's guild and learned as much as he could about genetic engeniering. when his family's business went bankrupt and after his father commited suicide he greved at first but found himself with no sorce of money for his life. he resorted to making narcotics to pay his rent and was never found out due to bribes and other favors passed given to the guards or authority. he eventualy found himself a real job as an apprentace understudy for Lupus "improvement" project. after he was found stealing research from the company. he was fired and the research was taken back. with still no sorce for money he continues to make potions and drugs. his future plans are for ruining the competitors that put his father's company out of business.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Teriyakki chicken and steamed mushrooms.
Special Skills:Fencing, Cooking and fasion.

Niles Serris often keeps his hands in his pockets. he would say things just to make people angry from time to time. Niles is a bit of a sadist.