Naomi Orkruz

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Character Name: Naomi Orkruz
Secondary Name:
Race: Svartalf
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: totally Hetero


Height: 5'2"
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Colour: Silver
Eyes Colour: orange
Skin Tone: dull dark brown

Naomi is shorter than most Svartalfar, and feels the need to compensate for that by being stronger. She's somewhat muscular and has wide, bright eyes that seem to sparkle when she gets an idea. Her short hair is curly and silver, when the light bounces off it, it looks slightly purple. She wears cat-eye glasses and prefers red clothing.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: …For Science!

Naomi takes the evils in the world lightly. She's disgusted by the abuse inflicted on slaves, but does not oppose the idea of slavery. Naomi has a Napoleon complex that makes her want to prove herself in combat, potion production, and scientific discovery. She's a busy-body that's always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong and running her mouth. She likes the idea of a fair fight and a level playing field. Depending on her mood, Naomi can be petty, stingy, and sour, or generous, and scholarly.


Character Age: 90
Birthdate: Your Character's Birthday Here.
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Alchemical Scientist

Naomi was born to a Svartalf mother, and an Alfar father. Upon her birth, they argued about whether or not to darken her. This resulted in the termination of their marriage when, at age 2, Naomi's mother took her to Svartalfheim to have her ears darkened. Her parents had joint custody, and settled that she would spend five years in Svartalfheim with her mother, and five years in Lighthalzen with her father. Her mother worked her hard and trained her in the art of axe-wielding, and her father would spoil her by sending her to the finest schools Schwartzvald had to offer, and buying her anything she wanted. She became a professional alchemist at age 30, and was darkened by the age of 50, at which time she set off on her own as a potioneer in Lighthalzen. When the war broke out, she had to make a choice. On one hand, Schwartzvald was her home, on the other hand, if slavery where abolished, merchants like her would be the only thing keeping Schwartzvald from collapsing. She could become a carpet-bagger and make a fortune off it, if either side were to lose. It came down to who would fund her research, and when Rekenber offered to give her a grant, it was settled. She fought for Schwartzvald, healing the wounded, fortifying armor, and demonstrating


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Misc Facts

Likes: Loud music, riding her cart down hills
Special Skills: potion crafting, Axe work

Naomi LOVES to sing, but has a terrible singing voice.