Naku Suki

Characters Name Naku Suki
Secondary Name Naku
Race Lupus
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight


Height 6’2
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Color Blue/green
Eye Color Steel Grey
Skin Tone Pale


Naku keeps the fur on his head pulled back into a ponytail with some of his bangs swept to the side in the front. He practically has no fur on his face aside from a small tuft on his chin. The rest of his fur is well groomed with the exception of his tail, which fluffs out naturally. Looking into his steely grey eyes show signs of pain and sorrow. He has pale skin set on a medium frame, toned and somewhat muscular, which also is riddled with scars.

++Personality and Mannerism++

Due to his unnatural upbringing, Naku is far from your regular lupus. He prefers a life of solitude to that of a pack life which shows when around groups. When faced with the situation of being around groups, he tries to remain silent though it rarely happens that way. He is intellectual and when forced into conversation can appear to be more intelligent than even the most brightest human mage/wizard. Though distrusting of most, he is loyal those that earns his trust..


He typically tries to remain neutral in most conflicts but finds himself coming to the aid of anybody in trouble whether they be Furred, Alfar, or human.


Characters Age 20 (lupus years)
Birthdate June 10
Birthplace Lighthalzen
Occupation Wanderer

Naku was born into slavery like any other of the furred races. His parents were the property of a Lord Knight in the service of the Shwaltzvalt Republic stationed in Lighthalzen named Rhygard Suki. While in public, his parents were Rhygard’s slaves, but in the privacy of his home, his parents were treated as equals of Rhygard. He treated them with kindness and fairness, something unheard of for slaves in the Shwaltzvalt Republic during the time. To return his kindness, they played along with theirs master’s ruse. After five years in servitude, his mother gave birth to Naku. Upon birth, the republic sent soldiers to the hospital to claim the new born Naku. Upon arrival and hearing while they were there, Rhygard quickly turned away the soldiers telling them to not be foolish, any offspring that came of his slaves belonged to him. Days later, the soldiers returned with a decree ordering him to turn over the new born slave. When Rhygard refused, the soldiers pursued to use force to take possession of the new born. Rhygard quickly dispatched the soldiers and told Naku’s parents to gather up their belongings. Knowing that he faced charges of treason, Rhygard, Naku, and his parents made for the border leading to Rune Midgard. Shortly after they started to flee, the magistrate sent more soldiers to chase them down. Miles from the border, the soldiers caught up. Rhygard fought the soldiers but was no match for their sheer numbers. At the last minute, when Rhygard was about to admit defeat, Naku’s parents stood firm in front of him. They told him it was to repay him for the kindness and the good life they had given him. Before Rhygard turned to get away, Naku’s father him to take Naku with him and raise him to be somebody respectable like Rhygard himself.

Moved by their actions, Rhygard nodded and grabbed the new born Naku. He quickly made to and over the border by dawn of the next day. For the next couple of months, Rhygard stayed away from big cities such as Prontera to avoid the risk of being caught. Building up a cottage deep in the forest, he raised Naku just as he would his own son without the interferences of the outside world, withholding the truth about the past, telling him only that he was left on his doorstep as a new born. From that point, Naku felt hatred for his parents for abandoning him and by his third birthday (human years), Rhygard started putting Naku through swordsman traing. By the age of five (human years) Naku had mastered all of the techniques taught to him on top of learning to read and write. He soon became very intellectual and intelligent. But his training fell short when Rhygard took ill a year later. Naku quickly grew up mentally very quickly shortly after, when he was left to fend for himself and the sickly Rhygard. He quickly learned to hunt using the skills he was taught, learning to deal with the taste of cooked food for the sake of what remained of Rhygards health. Naku tried very hard and was successful in keeping his father alive for another five years (human). Upon his death bed, Rhygard told Naku everything about his parents and their act of bravery. Moments after that, Rhygard passed on, leaving a still young Naku in tears, both because of his passing and the lifting hatred for his parents. Days later, after the burial of Rhygard, and setting fire to the cottage he once called home, Naku set out upon a quest to become stronger and noble like his parents.




Naku is a loner by nature and very distrusting of people that he firsts meet given his lack of interaction with the outside world. He will not take to people right away but will warm and become a strong ally if you earn his trust. He doesn’t have many friends due to this.