Must Read

Three disclaimers are required for MidgaRO. One for our nature as an online game; one for our nature as an open-source emulation of the popular MMO Ragnarök Online; and one for our nature as a roleplay server.

As an online multiplayer game, the ESRB has decreed that we are unrateable. This is because all online multiplayer games are dominated first and foremost by their players. Although we do make every effort to keep our players from going severely out of line, it is impossible for us to even pretend to regulate every interaction between every player every hour of every day - nor, really, would we ever want to. That spontaneity is what makes an MMO different from a console RPG. However, we must warn you that interactions between players cannot and are not actively monitored by the staff of MidgaRO, and we cannot be held responsible for actions taken by players of our server. If you or a friend has been wronged by a player in a manner you feel goes beyond simple roleplay, we encourage you to gather proof of this wrongdoing, through screenshots or Fraps, and forward them to a GM - the player responsible will be punished.

As an open-source emulation of Ragnarök Online, I am obligated to inform you that the staff of MidgaRO does not attempt to, seek to, or even desire to turn a profit off of our services - not now, not ever. If you wish to experience Ragnarök Online the way its creators intended it to be played, we encourage you to visit Gravity's iRO server.

Finally, our roleplay server is made for those who are mature of mind. There are a number of difficult real-world issues confronted in our material - race hatred, enslavement, social injustice, religious zealotry, human rights, sexual slavery, cloning and genetic engineering, just to name a few. If you can confront these issues in a mature manner, even if you attempt to change them (and we certainly welcome you to!), then welcome to MidgaRO and enjoy your stay. If not, or if you believe these are not issues worth discussion, there are other games we would recommend to you instead.

Again, welcome to MidgaRO. Enjoy your stay.

~GM Moshi