Mikoto Rinkushi
Player Name Wolfie

Character Name: Mikoto Rinkushi.
Secondary Name: "Miko no Kimi".
Race: Kumiho.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 5'6".
Weight: 134lbs.
Hair Colour: Scarlet Red.
Eyes Colour: Fluorescent Yellow.
Skin Tone: Fair Tan.

Mikoto is very physically fit as the only thing he truly takes serious is himself, and his body. He is very well kept, and his overall appear is very clean. His hair is washed, brushed, and styled every day. Oddly he has fur patches from his hands to his elbow which were genetically added prior to his birth. On the subject of weird things, the most unique thing about his appear would be his bright yellow colored eyes, and facial tattoos. The tattoos on his face look like black whiskers which point inward towards his nose. Like every other member of his race he has ears, claws (his are slightly extended), and a tail. Mikoto has long hair which he occasionally will let down, but normally he keeps it pulled up into a pony tail. Normally he is found in an black and red oriental ninja outfit.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic (Good/Neutral is debatable)

Mikoto is loves to mess around with people. When he is with someone he purposely talks their head off either about relevant things or he'll go on a tangent about other things of a complete random nature. He also likes to kid around or joke with mostly everyone he encounters. He is very defensive though, and he uses his playfulness to analyze people (their emotions, strengths, and weaknesses). Overall Mikoto is a social butterfly, but he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

When Mikoto is alone he likes to occupy his time with more traditional activities. When he is alone he is very reserved, and often spends his time meditating. Also when he is alone he takes the time to research into things that he needs to know about (ex: Counter Infantry Tactics). He is very relaxed, and studious when he is alone.

What makes Mikoto happy is when people play along with his carefree hyper attitude. He also relishes meals in which he can watch be cooked or help himself in cooking. What does irk him though is when people show in-sensitivity to slavery.


Character Age: 15 years old.
Birthdate: August 2nd.
Birthplace: Amatsu.
Occupation: Mage (Ninja).

The only thing truly known about Mikoto is that he resides on the island Amatsu. All other information is merely unproven gossip people fabricated about him.


  • Character Name: Short explanation of encounter, and also determine whether the person is merely an acquaintance/friend/rival/or evil.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Hunorikia; sliced meats cooked in red mushroom wine with mixed vegetables.
Special Skills: Intelligence, Acting, Evasion, and Reconnaissance.