MF06 L10
Player Name A.M.F.

Attention Spec Ops Schwartzvald Military

Dossier # 06-L10

Subject Designation: MF06-L10
Current Alias: Xavier Arterous
Race: MF-06
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Known Physical Appearance

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 250lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eyes Colour: Golden
Skin Tone: Deep Brown
Subject MF06-L10 most outstanding and noteworthy physical abnormality would be it's eyes. They shimmer as refined gold in the sunlight, under minimal light they give off an even more impressive luster, similar to that of a feline eye. Upon last sighting the subject had pierced its ears, adding long golden hoops. MF06-L10 sports a long mane of hair, generally in a tight ponytail. It was also rumored the Subject has drawn symbols on itself, our first thought was tattoos, but that would be impossible. Perhaps some form of paint, most likely able to wash off with rubbing alcohol at will. Keep on the look out for a man of average height, with dark skin, and golden eyes.

Psychological Profile

Disposition: Passive Good

MF06-L10 is considered passive, more often prefers to avoid direct confrontation, even when it has the upper hand. Be aware of backing it into a corner, during trial testing the Subject became most volatile with such occurrences. High possibility of MF06-L10 becoming very loyal to certain units, bare in mind and take advantage of any attachments it forms, though always tread lightly under said circumstances.

Unit History

Character Age: 46
Birthdate: Unlisted
Birthplace: N/A
Last Known Occupation: Freelance Martial Arts Trainer.

Phase One

Subject MF06-L10 was one of ten trial units, the basis behind the creation of the MF06-L line was to create a pure physical weapon. For example, an agent that would require no sword[or other weapon] and no armor. The first of the MF06-L line was utter failure, multiple issues with -hardening- organs being crushed by other organs ect.
After much trial and error we finally came to Subject X[10], the first MF06-L unit that showed real promise, physical and mental status was stable. We managed to even create a physical -switch- so the Subject could -harden- at will. After much testing, while in the -Hardened- state Subject X[10] showed acceptable resistance to weapons of all types. As we had hoped -Hardened- also effected the mental and magical resistances of the Subject.

Phase Two

As Subject X[10] aged we introduced martial art forms to it, not to our surprise the unit quickly became adept. As per the Projects directive we then moved on to more testing. The results were more then breath taking. Subject X[10] managed to punch clean through a guards plate armor and tear out his heart. Of course the Subject was disciplined for killing the man, though the loss was minor…

Phase Three

It would seem as a natural result of our tampering Subject X[10] shows to be highly resistant to mental conditioning. This could prove to be most problematic as the unit grows more intelligent and realises it doesn't have to obey orders. A board has been convened to determine if the unit is to be terminated and the MF06-L line scrapped.
After a long deliberation it has been determined that Subject X[10] is too dangerous to remain intact. Secluded termination: three weeks….

Current Day

During the catastrophic incident in the labs, Subject X[10] escaped before it could be terminated. It is expected that the unit will last a week, due to built in fail safes.

After rumored sightings of Subject X[10] it can be assumed the unit managed to survive, despite fail safes and continues to roam. The unit is considered extremely dangerous, capture or destroy with extreme prejudice


  • Jedediah Materson: Subject X[10] encountered Jedediah in a pub, they were seen speaking to one another. Details are minor, according to sources, Jedediah became involved in a large brawl, upon which the unit for unknown reasons proceeded to assault all in the pub except Jedediah.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Foods containing large amounts of Copper and Zinc

Special Skills: Due to the nature of the MF06-L line Subject X[10] has the ability to increase it's physical, magical and mental density to the point where it's own skin is harder then any known material.

Side Notes: The MF06-L line has a built in counter measure to prevent it from failing into enemy hands, or prolonged escape. The line cannot naturally produce or maintain required Copper and Zinc levels in their system. If proper supplementation of these minerals is not consumed the units immune system will quickly shut down and death will occur.