Martel Aesthyr Levethi

Character Name: Martel Aesthyr Levethi
Secondary Name: Just Martel.
Race: Svartalfar
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 6'1
Weight: 145
Hair Colour: White
Eyes Colour: Silver-Grey
Skin Tone: Darkened

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Evil

Martel is a warmage from a long line of warmages. She tends to pigeonhole everything in terms of its combat usefulness - including people. She is curt but respectful to Furred races, openly mocking of humans who have not proven their worth, and treats most Alfar as "the enemy".


Character Age: 141
Birthplace: Illithia
Occupation: Warmage

Martel does not speak much of her childhood, as it was very… boring, in her perspective. She was born to Rhea of house Levethi and her husband Gerard. She spent a very boring childhood on the family land, her only accompaniment the occasional tutor or book.

Arcanist Academy was slightly more interesting, especially the Practicals. She enjoyed the chance to branch out and learn new things, make friends (especially those with similar interests), and even enjoy a little romance. Unfortunately, like all things, her time at the Academy soon passed.

After the Academy came time in the Militia. Defending Svartalfholdt against an enemy that never came. While she understood the value of a proper defense… Martel was no robot. She could not help but grow bored at the endless routine, staring day in and day out at a portal that ate and spat out the same steady stream of merchants and traveling parties. Days and weeks, months and years of merchants, broken only by the occasional platoon of soldiers. After what seemed like an eon, finally her term in the Militia was over, and Martel was free.

Free to do… what? She was unsure at this point. Up until now her life had been dictated by others - meet this tutor here, go to these classes at this time, patrol this quadrant of the market. A hundred years of routine. An open universe of limitless choices seemed… intimidating. For twenty-seven years she drifted through Midgard, occasionally offering her services as a warmage to parties that offered her a challenge. Money meant nothing to her - as a member of House Levethi, she never wanted for anything. Anything, that is, but purpose.

She found that purpose in the formation of the Academy of Strategy, a guild formed pre-war that attempted to guide new adventurers in growth and advancement. With the Academy, she went to war for Rune, fighting to defend her new homeland and new friends from what she felt was "wanton bullying" by a posturing sycophant-nation. Schwartzvald, she feels, could still stand to be knocked down a peg.

As the war settles down into cold-war status, she has split off from the Academy to return to her roots. She returns occasionally to Svartalfheim, where she is applying for a teaching licence at the Military Academy she graduated from.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Most vegetables, so long as they are fresh.
Special Skills: Tactical analysis.