Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu
Player Name Masaki

Character Name: Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu
Secondary Name: Some people call her Laur, she doesn't like it much though.
Race: Alfar
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Probably Bisexual. Prefers men.


Height: 5'8”
Weight: 109 lb
Hair Colour: A darkish blonde, she likes to refer to it as “honey blond”
Eyes Colour: An emerald green, one of her more stunning features.
Skin Tone: Laurel has a very “healthy” skin tone, not quite tan but sun-kissed

Laurel's got long blonde hair and green eyes. Those are her best features, in her opinion, and she tries to play them up. Sometimes,when she feels good about herself, she'll try to play up her legs or ass, but she hates admitting she hasn't much of a bust. Her legs are long and toned, but her left thigh bears a scar where a serrated dagger was thrown at her by a sorceress. Another scar cuts across just under her breasts from Atroce's blade. Her face has rounded cheeks and a pointed chin,and her ears are a bit longer than the average- something she also feels is a beauty point. She's always been self-conscious of her appearance, so these things matter! She braids her hair all the way down to her waist- long is pretty, but it gets in the way! She wears mainly forest tones- her woodsman's leather leggings and arm guards which run all the way up to her green archer's tunic. Sure, it's a cliché look, but she's from the deep forest and proud of it! She smells of bay leaf, usually on purpose, and her default expression seems to be a cocky smirk. She has an inherited leaf pendant of silver and emerald that she never takes off.

Disposition: Neutral Good.

Personality & Mannerisms

Laurel grew up on stories about a brave heroine and a handsome noble, about powerful sorceresses and benevolent priests. She longs for that kind of life- adventure, travel, magic, love. To see the galleons in full sail, to ride the steam trains, to fight evildoers. She jumps at the chance to fight with mercenaries or explore caverns, even if it's not all it's said to be. She loves to fight and has an amazing short fuse. Maybe she never really learned to be herself around people, but she breeds conflict and revels in competition. She's a bit abrasive, pushy, and blunt, but a worthy adversary or gracious competitor will earn her deepest respect. She's highly prideful and will take a blow to her reputation or self-image as a deep wound, restlessly trying to regain that ounce of respect. Somewhere inside, she's a lonely girl. Fierce on the outside, but her biggest fear is to look and see herself alone in the wide world. She draws herself to groups, where she gives herself passionately to the pack. She leads those she considers beneath her and follows those she respects, but loves all. Laurel's never had much luck with guys- the guys who're watching her not-quite fill out are the same ones that she'd pull the hair of when she was little. So loosed on the world, she feels that romance is one of the things an adventurer is entitled to. When it comes to sex or romance, Laurel is still a pubescent girl, worried about her looks, prone to constant flirting, and awkward about her sexuality.


Character Age: 31
Birthdate: March 15
Birthplace: The Alfheim town of Maple
Occupation: Hunter

Laurel's parents were famous in their day- a talented swordfighter and hero who rescued a noble, heir to a duchess, from certain death. The swordfighter was surrounded by a team of loyal companions and wielded an enchanted greatsword called the Dragon Lady. That was Laurel's mother, Aria Firebrand. Her father was the son of a duchess, Nikola Luisliu. When Laurel was eight, Nikola was tried for treason and imprisoned. Laurel was raised in her mother's home village deep in the forests of Alfheim. She was raised on stories of battles and adventure, so as soon as she had the chance, she left home to seek her fortune. Comrades, boyfriends, monsters, all those things came and went and she hadn't found what she sought yet. After her last boyfriend left her, Laurel has spent the last two years training her skills as a hunter in the forests of Payon. She followed the wolf pack known to be there for so long that she considers herself in tune with the lupine mindset. It was rather jarring for her to meet a Lupus for the first time after she left the woods. Her deep admiration of wolves was upset a little when one stabbed her. Laurel wants to be friends with people. Sometimes more. She flirts and shares and smiles and gives herself to everyone around. Some seem to take that well, but some leave Laurel wondering if they really care for her, and others, with their cruelty, make her question the kindness she believes all good people should have. Laurel's constant driving desire for companionship makes her open- to odd people and strange situations, but also to a familiar attitude that can bother people who confuse stiff manners with respect. It can help her make friends out of loners, but it can also get her into fights at the drop of a hat. A full year of fighting, falling in love, and danger made her a stronger person, but when the war started in earnest, her mother called her home. Ten years she spent in quiet village life, studying magic here, practicing her archery in the village's target range here, and living the life of a young elven maiden rather than an adventurer. She chased, and still chases adventure with the reckless ambition of a human, and now that she has returned to Midgard, she's anxious to get back to speed. She hasn't changed much in the last ten years, but the world around her has- old loves, enemies and friends grown older, and Laurel a bit afraid of what time's river does to short-lived furs. The lot of an elf is to accept that, but it takes time for that to happen… She returned to find both Opsend and Ilya, her closest friends (more than friends?) vanished in the war. Unsure if they're alive or dead, the worry eats at her.


Favorite Consumption: Laurel loves pie, fresh bread, and honey.
Special Skills:Laurel can do three things well, she can shoot, she can garden, and there's another thing.
Random Facts Laurel has a very basic mage's training and a gift with lightning magic. When she gets emotional, which is often, electricity courses around her body. She's fascinated with storms as a result.
Fears Laurel hates the thought of being alone and fears rejection. She hates being bullied.