Lariam Alsconti
Lariam lariam

Character Name: Lariam Alsconti
Secondary Name: Larry
Race: Alfar
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: Hetero.


Height: 6 feet tall
Weight: 150 pounds
Hair Colour: red
Eyes Colour: blue
Skin Tone: pale-ish

Lariam is tall and skinny with a rather pointed face. He gathers his wavy red hair in a ponytail, tied with a teal ribbon. He wears half-moon glasses that come on a gold chain. His robes are teal silk with gold trim.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: "lawful" good
Lariam tends to do stupid things. He'll know they're stupid, but it doesn't seem to deter him. He's submissive and a masochist, but despite that he has quite a bit of pride, both in himself and Alfar in general. He can be somewhat miserly with money, and never likes to dip below 400,000 zeny.


Character Age: 33
Birthdate: September 17th
Birthplace: The gated Alfheim community of Alpenglow
Occupation: Your Character's Job Here.

Lariam comes from a welathy family in Alfheim. He was sent to Yuno to learn magic. His father wanted him to become a sage; creating spells, enchantments and drawing spell circles… Lariam was far more interested in combat magic, because of how it made him feel; particularly lightning. His parents gave him 2 million zeny to buy books and robes. Lariam ended up taking that money to Comodo, and earning about 8 million zeny. The Casino owners decided it was time to send in dancer 4 to distract him. It worked like a charm. Back at Yuno, Larry's magic started shifting to and affecting areas in him yet undiscovered. The sages at the academy kicked him out for questionable uses of Evocation. Now, alone in Midgard with 8 million zeny, he went back to Comodo to find the woman who distracted him… but she wasn't there. They reunited in Payon after 4 years apart.
Edan offered to teach him magic, but after seeing him get beaten time and again by Canas, he sought his training, instead. However, the war broke out, and Canas fought for the other side. Lariam bought a house for Zuri and him to live in. Much to his dismay, Zuri decided to join the fight. He spent a lot of time scrying her to make sure she's alright, and a lot of zeny to help Rune fight Schwartzvald. Despite his efforts to become a citizen of Rune, he is rejected because 10 years ago, he registered as Zuri's master so she couldn't be re-captured. After the war, something happened to him that was so terrible, he blocked it from his memory. Unfortunately, the memory blocks he had installed were keeping his magic flow from stablizing, so Edan removed them. After learning what had happened to him, he safely blocked out his memory of the incident.


  • Edan Fuinur Paisean: Lariam owes a lot to Edan for helping him reunite with Zuri, and for helping him find and rescue her, and for restoring his memories, and getting rid of one memory inparticular.
  • Zuri: Lariam's lover. He loves her more than anything and is constantly anxious about her shorter lifespan.
  • Delilah: Lariam's best friend. Delilah likes to tease and make fun of Larry, but he knows it's all in good fun.
  • Canas Va'althal von Rorhas: Larry no longer shakes in his presence, but still has a healthy fear of Canas.
  • Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu: Larry has looked at Laurel differently ever since she zapped him in Payon…and Kissed Zuri…
  • Stellatrine Verdant: Stella is a nice, cute girl, who makes great tea… too bad she seems so dissapointed in Larry
  • Amelia Dottore: Canas' star pupil. She seems shy around Lariam… probably because she's weirded out by him…

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: frozen treats
Special Skills: lightning magic

Zuri will sometimes put the slave collar on -him-