Krystal Tamaro
Player Name Jotie

Character Name: Krystal Tamaro
Secondary Name: Sexy. Slut. The Dancer. Whore. Cutie. Krystie. Krysta-al, Like The Champaign.
Race: Alfar
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Any


Height: 6'1"
Weight: 162
Hair Colour: Blue
Eyes Colour: Bright Emerald
Skin Tone: Nice and tanned

Krystal normally wears long hair, and has it mostly in a ponytail. If she doesn't keep it up, it would be down her back below her butt. She has 34DD sized breasts, and she has a decent sized butt. She is curved in to fit perfectly with her body. She has a small muscle lining upon her stomach, but no abs to ruin her figure. She has some muscles appearing upon her arms and legs. She has small hands and feet. She mainly wears clothes that are cut-off at the belly, and short shorts, or miniskirts.

Personality & Mannerisms

She LOVES people. She always want to enteract with anyone. Very high-spirited too at it. Sometimes, her attitude may seem to go far, talking in a way that people, or herself would have sex with someone, or have sex with multiples. She does, sometimes think of group sex, but she loves to flirt with guys. Her manners at the table are pretty common. Eat with a fork, spoon, or using a knife. Eat food with her hands if they are finger foods. However, she mainly eats salads.

Disposition: Chaotic Neutral

Same as above. But the way she acts around them, she is very flirtatious to both male and female genders. She tends to sound like she wants to have sex with them, even though she doesn't mean to say it that way. Alone, she seems to work on her singing, which sounds flawless, but to her, it sounds crappy and irritating.


Character Age: 27
Birthdate: Feb 6th, 3128
Birthplace: Payon
Occupation: Entertainer (no guys, not THAT kind of entertainer), singer, Master Chef, and Fortune Teller.

Upon being born like the other Tamaros in Payon, she was born on Feb 6th, 3128. She was raised by mostly her mother.

Upon turning five, Krystal had such a beautiful voice, that her mother wanted her to become a dancer, which her mother wasn't able to become. Krystal trained hard, and seemed to be a natural when it comes to it.

Upon turning six, Krystal started to learn how to cook. Her mother had a special way of cooking, due to it being passed down by famous cooks back in the day. Krystal soon took hold upon the cooking abilities, and become quite a pro as she aged. To her brothers, it seemed quite scary and entertaining upon watching them cook together, for how serious they seem to get at it.

Krystal and Jotie one day, found a young Kumiho named Foxtrot near their area, and soon took him in with their permission of their parents. Krystal really loved Foxtrot, almost to the point that she actually wanted to have sex with him one time.

Krystal has before, and again, embarrassed both Foxtrot and Jotie, due to her mind, forced them to do gay things together to the extent upon where Jotie and Foxtrot would run away together, in order to save from embarrassment.

Krystal also reads plenty of books upon sex positions, how to use condoms correctly, and many other sex books that she learned that she wants to try out one day. She even thought threesomes would be fun too.

Upon the day Jotie almost died by getting chopped in the back by an axe and losing her parents, sure she got really pissed off and killed the orc in one blow, and cried when her parents died, but the next day, she shrugged it off.


* Aelin: My first crush, my first love, and the first one I chose to mate with. When I met him, it seems like he was the right guy. When I look into his eyes, I feel like I've known this guy forever. I would stay next to him forever, if only that my job wouldn't take me away from him. I'd do anything for this guy. If this guy gets taken away from me, I'd do anything with my willpower and strength to bring this guy back to me, even if it makes me have to break a few heads in. ((Love alignment. Would do anything to be with this guy, even if it involves killing or torturing people for him))
* Dariam ((See Zuki Tamaro)): I swear I have a stalker. He shows up now and then, but would always hide when I try to talk to this guy. What is his problem? If he likes me, then why won't he talk to me? Other than that, it is pretty comforting to know that this stalker doesn't harm anyone that I know of. I'm just worried he'd try and kill Aelin for me, but nothing happened yet… Though, his hair does seem familiar in a way. It could be me, but the hair just throws me off. ((Thinks this guy is a stalker. Would try to confront him if he does get in her way))
* Foxtrot McGraw: My favorite foxy man! I treat him like a brother and a little more if he wants me too! I just hope I didn't go too far with anything with him. He does seem skittish around me now, but he does respect me as a sister, which I'm happy for. If anything happens to this lovable foxy man, I'd torture, stab, cut limbs, stab his eyes, rip his eyes out, dunk him in a saltwater tank, and then dissect that person alive until I take out every useless to useful organs while he's conscious before I decide to kill that guy. ((Crush, but would treat him as a family member. As quoted, she would do anything))
* Jotie Tamaro: My favoritest youngest pocket-sized whitest brother I ever have! I would protect him, cause he's fragile. I respect him for who he is, a kind, funny guy with a likable personality. Truthfully, he's just cute. It's because of his personality and his tiny body that what turns me on! If anyone tries to harm him, they'd have to get past me, or else I'd punt those bastards to the farthest planet of the galaxy, to an alternate world of mayhem worse than me! ((Family love with awkward affections. As quoted, she would do anything))
* Sithe Strife: Quite a cute little guy! He makes me think of Foxy Foxtrot McGraw if he was a little kid that held a two-handed sword and wore armor all the time. It's very cute when he gets angry when I call him cute or when he is called tiny! He has a nice little temper tantrum about it, which seems harmless if you look past his little bad words he uses! ((Trustful. Would protect him from anything harmful when time arises))
* Stellatrine Verdant: A very sexy lady with a nice body really. If anyone had the hots, it would be her, tenfold! I hope this gal falls in love with this guy named Edan ((See Edan Fuinur Paisean)), who I think is a total fool and dofus if he doesn't fall in love with her! Hopefully his wounds heal though, so that she'd be in this girls life. They might actually make a cute couple! ((Trustful. Would protect her from anything harmful when time arises))
* Zuki Tamaro: My favoritest tough and sexiest brother I have ever had! If there was a male alfar supermodel, he'd totally get first place in a heartbeat! His tough appearance makes him more of a secret tough guy with a mysterious side, to me. He may seem rough to people at first, but if he warms up to them, he's a kind guy. ((Family love with awkward affections. As quoted, she would do anything))

Misc Facts

Favorite Food: Ceaser Salad
Favorite Drink: Sweet Milk
Favorite Alcohol: Red Wine with Vodka mixed in it and mixed in with orange juice.
Special Skills: Singing, dancing, and punching over a tree… That's about it. (IC wise) Maybe skilled in sex positions, but that's something in another basis.
Favorite Animal: Cats
Favorite Color: Blue