While not Kassadin himself, the Svartalf in the above picture wears the same heavy plating he does.

Player Name Auren

Character Name: Kassadin Verolyn
Secondary Name: Kaz, only to close friends
Race: Svartalf
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 6'6
Weight: 244
Hair Colour: Silver
Eyes Colour: Red.
Skin Tone: A deep shade of Brown

Kassadin stands tall, even for a Svartalf and is built like a rock.
His body is very much in tone and well built. Scars decorate him, bite
marks, arrow marks, stab wounds, its there. These scars, however are
hid under the veritable mountain of metal he likes to call 'Armor.'
This armor is a series of heavy interlocking plates, reinforced with
defensive wards and multiple layers of armor. A similarly constructed
shield hangs either on his back or on his side, with the edges
serrated and meant for slashing attacks. He prefers black and silver
for his colors.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Evil

Kassadin believes in his own superiority to Furred and Alfar, treating
them with an arrogance that speaks of his deep contempt for those
races. He will, however, treat those who earn his respect with
respect, at least when it comes to the Furred. The Alfar, in his mind,
can go do unspeakable sexual acts to themselves.


Character Age: 80
Birthdate: December 13th
Birthplace: Svartalfheim
Occupation: Mage Hunter

Born to a middle class family in Svatalfheim, Kassadin had a plain
childhood, with nothing of import to speak about other then his
predilection of playing soldier and badgering his parents into buying
a trainer set of wooden armor. Though even that was average, all
things considered.

When he was old enough, Kassadin entered the War Academy and quickly
became bored with it, learning his way with the Crusader skillset but
finding that the Academy simply did not have the excitement he wanted.
Up and leaving the academy half way through, he traveled to Rune
Midgard, where the temptations of Schwarztvald got to him. There was
money to be had, along with power.

This was what he was looking for all his life. Everything he wanted
was at his fingertips. All he had to do was work at it. However, his
own motto of life 'Efficiency In All Things' troubled him when he saw
the predicament of Slaves AND Slave owners. Slaves were being wasted,
mostly due to the ignorance, stupidity and greed of owners. After all,
if the owners would stop messing around, and some basic things were
set in place on the government side of things, the economic
institution of Slavery would be nigh invincible. Unfortunately, it
would take time, as much as it bothered Kassadin.

This process, he believed, would start with the purchasing of Sonata,
a young Ailourus girl who serves him as a combination of hand servant,
maid, secretary and bed warmer.


Sonata An Ailorous girl he purchased to begin his restructuring
of the current system in Schwartzvald. He hopes to use her as an
example of what can be accomplished if one did not simply burn away
resources like they were water. After all, who knows what the Rune
Midgardians and their Alfar allies might come up with.