Jotie Tamaro
Player Name Jotie

Character Name: Jotie Tamaro
Secondary Name: Albino Boy. Kiddo. Shortie.
Race: Alfar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Height: 4'4"
Weight: 60 lbs
Hair Colour: Silver/White
Eyes Colour: Silver
Skin Tone: White as snow. (Pure White Skin Tone)

Personality & Mannerisms

Young and wise for a kid Alphar. Though, naive and perverted to women, he is quite a gentle and friendly person
He loves to combine multiple magic with many things, as well as attempting to combine magic with machinery.
He loves magic to death, and loves to help out more, including when it involves having to use magic on something.
His manners are quite respectable in his family, and most likely for anyone, since he eats slowly and with utensils on all of his foods, even chicken legs.
He respects women in the beginning, but if there is a woman that feels depressed and sad about an event that she is explaining to him, his first logical approach
is to dive his head inbetween the woman's breasts primarily for them to stop thinking of depressing things. He believes that usually works for women, though usually
would probably get away with it due to him being fragile and weak kid physically. Oh, and he loves all race and mankind, even if the orcs did have a bad history with his family.

Disposition: Lawful Good

Within groups of people, he's usually friendly to others around him. He mainly listen to big crowds, but usually would put in his input when he can.
When there are others around him, he usually would use magic to entertain others, using strategic ways of magic to entertain. He would use illusion types and his actual types to see if they can guess the real or fake.
While he is by himself, he usually would poof (Yes, poof. He teleports items in or out, even himself in a cloud of white mist that strangely smells like roses…) in his books to read them, or sing out loud if no one is paying attention to him.


Character Age: 21
Birthdate: Feb 6th, 3134
Birthplace: Payon
Occupation: Bookworm, magic genius, hex/magic removal/enchanter.

Jotie was born in the same place like his family, in Payon on February 6th, 3134. He was a hard worker for a small kid. He studied many types and forms of magic, in order to provide help for others. He doesn’t want anything bad happen to them.

He was considered a black sheep of the family. He is very skinny, his skin is white as a piece of white paper, and his eyes are silver, as well he didn’t age much after the age of ten, which of all his traits were not along his bloodline. His father, Zolos, didn’t see him as a son, and called him names, instead of supporting his ideas.

Much like Zuki, Zolos didn’t like magic much. But to Jotie, it was very natural. It was another thing that seemed odd to his family, considering Jotie is great with magic, unlike his other family members. Jotie studied magic and showed that magic helps just as much as being in a military.

One day, Jotie and Krystal found a kid around Jotie’s age, a Kumiho named Foxtrot. Jotie and Foxtrot were both alike. They both were great with magic, and wanted to help with helping others out. His family soon adopted him as a son, so that Jotie and Foxtrot could study together. Jotie seemed to really like his new brother, and seemed to almost fall in love with him, if others see it that way.

Soon after, Jotie went on research on upon adding runes upon his body, upon with the help of Foxtrot, managed to help Jotie be able to survive better, so that Jotie wouldn’t get hurt as much within battles, if that ever happened. Jotie had blue runes upon his body, that changed colors, depending on his actions, and glowed cause of that.

Jotie soon had quite an obsession of finding a way to extend lives of the furred people. He wouldn’t show that to others, but whenever he was by himself and out of town, he would try to find ways of extending lives of the furred. His obsession had once almost killed him, but it still didn’t stop him from researching for one. He wouldn’t stop, and probably wouldn’t until he finally passes…


  • Aelin: He's quite a character. He kind of reminds me of my sister quite a lot, only a male cat version of her… Almost. But when I saw the chemical connections with them, I feared the worst is going to happen… If anything, pray to god, if -anything- happens to this guy, death will be happening in many places… And I wish no part of it, until it happens… ((Good alignment towards him))
  • Amelia Dottore: I remember Krystal talking about this lady once before. She sounds like a sweetheart. I think I have met her before… I can't remember, but Krystal did make enough description of her to at least make me think I know her… I won't know until she actually talks to me face to face. Even then, I'll probably think of her as a friend. ((Neutral alignment towards her))
  • Canas Va'althal von Rorhas: I don't quite remember his name, but he seems like an intimidating fellow. I wouldn't mess with him that much really. I'd rather keep a good standard with him at all times. I ain't to judge people, but truthfully, he's quite a nice guy, if you look away from his past. ((Good alignment towards him, but stays wary))
  • Dariam ((See Zuki Tamaro)): I've seen him time to time regularly. He's a very secretive fellow, hiding his face behind a mask, and hiding hidden daggers inside his sleeve. He doesn't seem to trust me much near him, but rather would talk to me afar. I can't figure out this guy, but he seems reliable. He saves me at times, but then disappears before I could get in a word. ((Neutral, but trustful enough))
  • Delilah: She is a very cute woman, regardless upon what people think. I really like her. I kind of want to go out with her, but I am too scared to even admit it. She licks me on the cheek sometimes. Does that mean she likes me the same way, or is that part of a Lupus way of being a playful friend? I won't know until I ask. ((Shy Love alignment towards her. Will protect her and get somewhat defensive))
  • Edan Fuinur Paisean: Quite a nice guy really. I think he's a good sort, but he seems pretty troubled at times. I know he's in love with a girl named Stella ((Look for Stellatrine Verdant )). I know that because Delilah and I spied on them. She also explained me a horrid history behind him, so I kind of want them to fall in love now. Also, it means more that he's taking care of Delilah as a fatherly figure for her, which means a lot. ((Trusted. Will do anything for him if asked))
  • Foxtrot McGraw: My trusted adopted brother and best companion when things get tough. He knows ways of making people feel at peace and he has quite good ways of words, even if his accent sounds like a drunken sailor talking. Really, he's the best guy I'd be with for anything. No matter what. ((Loyal and at times in love. Will do anything, even at the cost of his life. Will be defensive on criticism towards him.))
  • Genghis: A cocky, yet fun guy to be with. I may be seeing quite a similarity upon dogs and Lupus types, not because of their ears, but their slightly familiarity of their epic loyalty and pride. He seems to show it, even if he's hiding his face. I wish he didn't scare Bunny ((Look for Yukina)) so bad that she seems to hate him now. ((Trusted. Would help him at times of crisis and war.))
  • Krystal Tamaro: My kind, yet scary sister. Though, we go through tough times together, and go through times where I wished she would not have her Role-plays in front of her come real, she is quite a likable person in truth. I just hope her attitude would change. She seems to be flirtatious to almost everyone, even to her family, but that's just her personality. The chemical bond with Aelin is what scares me the most. I am worried if something bad happens to him, is that she will start killing things, if not, torture and break people's lives of torment of wanting to even pray to the gods to have their mind wiped clean to forget about her. Truthfully, I have suspicion of those times, and when Aelin appeared in her life, I fear it's going to change everyone's lives. (((Family love. Will do anything for her, even if he was forced to do it as well))
  • Lariam Alsconti: I've met him quite a few times. I don't know him pretty well, but one thing I do know, he wears silk panties. I won't tell anyone really. It's just the thought of a guy wearing those. ((Good enough to keep dark secrets locked away for him))
  • Sithe Strife: He's a funny guy. He seems to get embarrassed a lot whenever I talk to him. It's sad that he keeps putting himself down as if he's a piece of trash. Maybe if there's someone out there that would prove that he's a good guy, that he'd would be as proud as a Lupus would be. He does have a unique honor code too, which is pretty neat. ((Good alignment. Would protect him when times arise))
  • Stellatrine Verdant: She's quite a looker. Very cute and beautiful, which is a hard find. Even more, she makes the best damned tea ever. I'd probably would request some of her tea leaves too. I also want to help her in falling in love with Edan ((Look for Edan Fuinur Paisean )). She's a very nice and gentle woman. Though, she's young, she is quite wise. I wouldn't mind helping her out if she asked me to. I'd be her little snow alfar helper if she wanted me to be one. ((Trustful. Would do anything to help her out))
  • Yukina: Quite a friendly character… A bit of a dunce of many things, but she's quite a lovable and innocent character. The main factor is trying to make her have friends mainly. I mean, she was even scared of me! A little guy! Well, at least I know she would attempt to hide when she can, though she might need to practice on that. But she can run faster than I could think about teleporting into safety. Not to mention, she's very beautiful. Last time I remember, she's Zuki's girlfriend now ((See Zuki Tamaro )). They make a good couple. One thing that might be a problem… I don't think she approves of people eating meat… That might cause some conflicts with them. But I'm not sure. ((Trusted as much as he trusts family. Would protect her and defend her physically and mentally, and would do things with her))
  • Zuki Tamaro: He's a good hearted brother, even though people may not see him to be. He's very protective of his family and would do anything for them, even if he acts like he doesn't care about anything in the world. One thing I know, he is a savior for all bunnies and Nanabozho alike. If starvation has caused him to eat a bunny person, he'd rather eat his own body parts until he dies. That is what I know. ((Trusted family member. Would do anything for him, even if he was forced to do something))

Misc Facts

Favorite Food: Fruit Salad with whip cream and lots of cherries.
Favorite Drink: Strawberry Soda
Favorite Alcohol: None. But if forced to drink one, Cherry Margarita.
Special Skills: He knows most magic, mainly able to control all types of elements of magic. He also knows few holy power-like magic. His specialty is telekinetic powers like lifting and teleportation. His other specialty is enchanting and removing harmful magic from others like hex or curses. (all ICly).
Favorite Animal: Canines
Favorite Color: Blue