Jedediah Materson
Player Name DDevil

Character Name: Jedediah Materson.
Secondary Name: Jed or ‘The Guitar Bandit’.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 5’9”.
Weight: 163 lbs.
Hair Colour: Golden Honey Blonde.
Eyes Colour: Light Green (small amount of brown as well).
Skin Tone: Tan.

Jedediah used to be a rather fit looking man, but due to being ill it's easy to see that his health is gradually declining. He could still most draw a revolver as fast as he could 6 some years ago, but he tends to reserve his strengths for simpler things like breathing. Jedediah despite some weight lose is a pretty good looking man. He has shaggy golden honey blonde hair that goes well with his eyes, and soft smile. It's easy to that he is washed up, and most likely is a vagabond (especially by the small scent of liquor on him). When he is drinking his cheeks get slightly rosy, and when he is in a drunken rant it's common for him to burst into tears.

When it comes to clothing Jedediah can typically be found wearing one of two things. When traveling he wears a long sandy tan coat that makes his cowboy hat. In addition he typically wears a long sleeve shirt, and a vest over top of that. When it comes to pants he normally wears jeans, and has them held up by a belt with a rather large belt buckle. When Jedediah is settled into a town he loses the coat, and switches his long sleeve shirt to a classier looking one (but keeps the same vest). As for accessories he always has a red handkerchief tied around his next, and a secondary small white one stored in his back jean pocket (for when he has to spit up blood). Finally when it comes to boots they never change…he owns one pair of boots, and only tends to get new ones when his own are wrecked beyond wearing.

Other Accessories:

  • Empty gun holster (which he seldom wears).
  • A silver necklace.
  • A pair of fingerless gloves.
  • Cowboy hat that seems to have two bullet holes.
  • Guitar which he had strapped to his back.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Nuetral.
Personal Traits:

  • Selfish
  • Loyal
  • Conflicted
  • Hearty

Jedediah is normally rather friendly when he is around people. He isn’t one to openly express himself or his feelings to others without some kind of alcoholic substance in his system. When Jedediah is alone he usually finds a nice grassy place to lay down, and stares up at the sky. He is incredibly hard on himself though, and doesn’t see a problem with drinking his troubles away at a pub or saloon. Jedediah loves his guitar, and relishes every minute when he serenades himself with a nice tune. He also takes joy in smoking every once in a while, but he seems to reserve that for special occasions. What normally pisses Jedediah off is when somebody purposely tries to start a fight with him whether he’s drunk or sober. Another thing that he doesn’t particularly like is slavery, but he due to the fact that he has laid down his guns…he wouldn’t fight for the cause of freeing the slaves.

Jedediah didn't allow the doctors of the Lighthalzen hospital much time to run test on him after they told him he most likely only had a few years left. What the doctors believed was the problem though was some sort of disease cause by smoking. Which is one of the reasons why he seldom smokes anymore where as in the past he could always be found with a cigar in between his lips.

Some of his side effects include:

Due to some of the details being extremely graphic in nature, I have made it a collapsible text. If you have a weak stomach do not open this.


Character Age: 29 years old.
Birthdate: March 3rd.
Birthplace: Morroc.
Occupation: Retired Bandit.

During the war Jedediah was a traveling bandit. Generally he lurked in Arunafeltz region, and became purely known as 'The Guitar Bandit'. Due to the lack of law enforcement after a heist he would generally retreat back to Veins where he would waste his spoils on cigarettes, and cheap wine. Towards the end of the war Jedediah got a little greedy, and decided he was going to try to pull off a grand heist. He was going to travel over to the Schwaltzvalt Republic to pay Lighthalzen a little visit. Everyone knew that the slaves originated from the Rebenker Corporation, and he figured he would hold find one of these facility workers, and rob them.

Stolen Amount: Roughly 850,000 zeny.

Unfortunately when Jedediah arrived in Lighthalzen he fell ill. Luckily for him he had a fair amount of zeny on him, and he sought refuge in the Lighthalzen hospital. It was there that Jedediah found out that all his years of smoking, and drinking lead him to get a disease known as Hemoptysis. It took a while to explain what it necessarily does to Jedediah, but the doctor informed him that he had a couple years at best. This scared the ever living hell out of Jedediah. It scared him out of being an outlaw, and somewhat motivated him to live out a half decent life till he dies. Currently Jedediah is in Payon due to the extremely grass environment, and he doesn't plan on traveling too much because of his health.


  • Character Name: Short explanation of encounter, and also determine whether the person is merely an acquaintance/friend/rival/or evil.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Liquor, Wine, Basically anything with alcohol.
Special Skills: Fast Drawing of Revolvers (he doesn’t use his guns anymore), and is an excellent guitarist.

  • Used to be an avid smoker until he was diagnosed with Hemoptysis by a Lighthalzen Doctor.
  • Generally drinks alcohol to numb the pain in his body, and to try to numb his feelings towards his life.
  • Jedediah gets deeply into music, and often finds himself lost in the tune.
  • Doesn't celebrate his birthday anymore.