Ilya Telari
Player Name LupaPup

"May the Lord of Death guide my blades, and may he quickly come for my enemies…

…and may I take my place in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever." - Ilya Telari

Character Name: Ilya 'Lupa' Telari
Secondary Name: Mana, Lupa, Ilya Telune
Race: Lupus
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Unknown


Height: 5'3
Weight: 105lbs
Hair Colour: Silver/White
Eyes Colour: Amber
Skin Tone: Remnants of a tan

Ilya's looks are common place for a Lupus, her hair when clean is a brilliant white, reflecting silver in the moonlight. It hangs in a curtain past her waist, and can often be seen tied back for ease of maintenance and travel. Her eyes hold very little emotion though her amber gaze perices the soul as any wolfs would. In comparison to other Lupus, her appearance screams wolf. It is easy to see there is very little human left in the Lupus shell, her posture and the way she moves through the forest are a testament to her years in the forest. Her body is covered in scars, the most noticeable of the lot is the scar encasing her right shoulder, and leading down to the center of her chest, the scar mirrors itself on her back as well. This wound is from a fight with an Atroce several years back, it's jaws enclosing the compact Lupus in it's jaws and tearing the flesh.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition:Lawful Neutral

The manners of this particular Lupus are exceedingly unpolished, this is due to her years with the wolves and her lack of human interaction. She trusts no one and will not allow herself to be cornered. Still with the willingness to learn anything she can the Lupus observes life from a distance and takes mental notes on how things work in the humans pack.

The woman do not understand simple concepts most people should know from a young age, personal space means nothing to her, if she trusts you enough to let you get more then a few feet away from her, there is a very high chance the woman will sleep on you if tired. Along with personal space, she does not understand indecency, the concept of clothing to her is only for warmth, and even then she struggles with the idea of it.

Her observations on the humans, the elves and the other furs still leave her confused, she has a strong fear of humans, and a fear of men in general. She still on occasion needs to be reminded that the Nanabozho, are not food. Even though they smell very similar to Lunatic. The flighty nature of the rabbit race only increases the drive to chase them, it becomes more of a game to the woman as opposed to a chance at a meal.

Silent by distrust and unease the Lupus speaks to her monster companions with soft animal-like sounds, varying in growls, whines, yelps and grunts. Aside from this all communication is done through body language. You do not try and calm her by speaking softly to her, and holding your hands off to ward her away. When the body language and the verbal sounds to not match up she panics and this often spurs her to attack.


Character Age: Biologically 22, (appearing to be 28, due to eating apples given to her by Thor)
Birthdate: December 13th
Birthplace: Hugel
Occupation: Culinary Arts Professor

Ilya is a second generation Lupus, and as expected of the race was obedient and power dominated, she bowed out to anyone who appeared to be stronger then her and fought few knowing her place in the 'pack'. With her slight stature and docile personality the wolf-therian was kept as a pet rather then as a slave. Having no recollection of parents, (both parents just being a peice of genetic material inserted into a host for the gestation period.) Ilya took to her owners quickly who used her for manual labor around the farm, keeping her mostly as one would a pet dog. Seeing nothing wrong with wearing the standard leash and collar that she often saw actual canines wearing Lupa's speech developed slowly, though when she did start learning words and other useful information, it was hard to stop her quest for knowledge.

Taking quickly to hunting along side her male owner the Lupus grew into the roles of tracking and often chasing down animals, hunting became her favourite activity her mind focusing on how she could outsmart the animal before her. Growing fast as the furred races often did, Lupa had never sought out companionship aside from her owners and the animals they kept. On a hunting trip with her master and his acquaintance, Lupa learned to hunt with a party of canines as well as her master; this became the preferred method to both slave and master. At age eight the lupus woman's body had reached maturity, she was confident and sure in her abilities to track, hunt and bring down any creature she came across. Having grown used to running with the pack of dogs her master now hunted with, she led her fourlegged counterparts with ease. Her understanding of how the canines worked, and her abilities to interact with the species made her 'pack' a formidable team.

That year Ilya and her master had recently felled a group of Savages, the hunting party had stopped to rest and eat their fill of the fresh meat. That was until a long howl filled the air around the pack, the brute monster Atroce was racing across the sandy plain a host of Galion flanking the massive wolf. Outrage flooded the canines eyes at the intrusion of it's territory. The party was unsure of how to react, Ilya was caught between wanting to protect her master as well as defend the kill they had just made. Her mentality took the Atroce's snarls as a challange and drove her forward the pack of dogs on her heels. A long bloody battle between Atroce and dog pack had started, eventually the Atroce fell to a blade wedged keep into the wolf's throat.

This encounter ended in her master training her with the blades that were found in the purple box the Atroce had been carrying. The katars had a green hue, and were said to be made of dragon scales. Ilya took fast to these blades, and enjoyed them for the sheer reason that they were at her hands when she needed them. Life hadn't changed much for the Lupus after her encounter with Atroce, though her body bore scars from the encounter. Her right shoulder, and upper back were covered in scars from where the monster had enclosed her form in it's jaws, moments before the blade ended its life.

Only a year later, her masters passed on peacefully in their sleep, Ilya understood death at the hands of an enemy, or a predator, though understood very little about what had taken her masters from her. Feeling alone and betrayed her surprises were far from over. Taken in by a young man who had often come over to the house to assist with tasks the Lupus couldn't, Ilya was introduced to the ways of men, and in fear she fled the city never looking back. Her advantages in the forest over the human male had made her escape easy, and allowed her to take refuge in the deep Payon forests. It was three years later at age twelve that the woman walked out of the forest.

During the imediate years before the war, Ilya found herself in Payon. Spending most of her time between Payon and Hugel, the Lupus found herself many friends, and fewer enemies then one would expect with her violent "stab first, ask questions later" personality. Ilya would eventually find herself teaching culinary arts for a guild known as The Academy of Strategy - the guild master trained her in combat and became a close friend.

Payon would also be where she would meet her would-be-husband. Before the war Father Kiernan O'Rouke and Ilya Telune would make an arrangement, and she had a collar tied around her neck bound to him. This allowed her to travel to Schwartzvald and remain unharmed. It was two years later that the two would marry. Since then, Ilya has kept her Academy badge though since stopped teaching since Aviyara has gone missing, though she will on occasion bring flowers to his brothers grave and clean the Academy in the event he comes back.

During the war, Ilya has started a family with Kiernan, and given birth to three children, two daughters and a son. She is away often doing work she feels is benificial to the furred races. In other words, she is causing hell for Schwarzvald when ever she has the chance.(Read as: When ever she is not being reined in by her husband and eldest daughter.)


  • Kiernan Telari: Ilya's husband and the mother of his three children. Ilya and Kiernan have known each other since before the war and married nine years ago.
  • Skuld Kiernansdottir: Ilya's eldest daughter, an opposite to her mothers aggressive nature - Skuld is almost purely passive in everything she does.
  • Martel Aesthyr Levethi: A previous guild member to the Academy of Strategy. Martel has not recognized her since Ilya has dawned the "Mana" disguise.
  • Edan Fuinur Paisean: A previous friend and guild member to the Academy of Strategy. Edan has not recognized Ilya though the two have spoken several times
  • Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu: A friend from before the war, when Laurel left for Alfheim when the war started Ilya became bitter. "They didn't care, they could run home to Alfheim without worrying. Who cares if Midgard destroyed itself? "(Ilya to Laurel)

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Bao and Strawberry Riceball
Special Skills: Hunting, Tracking, Wilderness Survival, Monster Care