How Combat Works

All combat in game is PvP. We are not in favor of dice fighting, and narrative fight as too many complications derived out of such methods. Durians located in the OOC building have been modified: they will cast @killer/killable on you — this will allow you to attack/be attacked by somebody without using commands.

Commands To Know

@me: this command verbally says an action that your character is doing, similar to the IRC command /me. Simply type @me, leave a space, and then type the action you wish to do.

For example, if player Krusk types in @me sharpens his axe, the game would display *:Krusk sharpens his axe:* to everyone around him.

@duel: this allows your character to create a "duel", a combat instance limited to the map you are on. People who are invited to this duel may engage in free PvP with each other and with you, the creator.

If you wish for a multiperson fight, specify the maximum number of participants in the @duel command - for example, if you want to create a duel that up to ten people can be invited to, type @duel 10. Simply typing @duel will create a duel for two people only. People in separate duels cannot harm each other; keep this in mind if you are in a situation where combat is escalating.

@invite: This allows you to invite another character to your created duel. Typing @invite Krusk will invite Krusk to the duel you created before. Once they accept you are free to fight.

@accept: This accepts a duel invitation, and allows you to fight the person.

@reject: This allows you to reject accidental duel requests. Abusing @reject or @leave for powergame purposes is a punishable offense, so be warned.

@leave: Once the fight is over, if you win, you can type this to leave the duel status. Participants who are killed are automatically ejected from the Duel. Be forewarned that people in Duels cannot harm monsters, but monsters can harm you - so do try to remember to @leave when your duel is over.

PvP Full Out

PvP meaning Player vs Player. Remember going onto a PvP map, and just attacking anyone who dare challenged you? That's basically what this is. Instead of announcing or rolling dice this is live action combat where you have to be quick on your feet, and use everything you have in your arsenal. Everything counts when you're PvPing. Not that you can really prepare for every battle, but make sure you check the following before hand: weapon, armor, equipment, stats, and hot keys. Doing this could really help you fight to your character's true potential. After your done checking if your ready. Just duke it out either in a PvP area, by using our Durian fruit, or by the @duel command.