Player Name Wraythe

Character Name: Genghis
Secondary Name: N/a
Race: Lupus
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5’11”
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Colour: Sky Blue
Eyes Colour: Unknown
Skin Tone: Deep Tan

Genghis is of average size, though he has a slightly larger torso then most. When his armor is fully adorned he makes for a frightening sight, a suit crafted from only the most durable metals, refined and forged by only the best smiths of the Republic.

Under his armor, [which he almost never removes, save for washing and normal body functions] is a body crafted by the Aesir themselves.[Figure of speech] Genghis has a smaller muscle mass then most, but they are defined like no other. Solid as Iron, and even stronger.

His face is a mystery; at the age of fifteen his master's father bought him an enchanted mask, that somewhat molds onto the wearers head. Giving him the appearance of a Golem when suited up. His eyes are slightly visible, though covered by fogged lenses. So far he has found no reason, or means to remove it. [He can still drink and eat, -mouth piece- opens at will, and then reseals]

Genghis also has no tail, as it was removed early on.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Twisted Good

As a result of select breeding, Genghis is more aggressive than most. He has no –respect- for authority of any kind. Believing he has the right to make or break rules.

His morals are twisted from a life of slavery, though he had it better than most physically his early years changed him for the worse.

Nothing is more important to Genghis then the freedom of the Lupus, and all other furred. He truly believes that this freedom must be gained by any means. Anyone or anything standing in the way of it, or condoning the current reign of slavery has forfeited their lives in his eyes; be it men, women, even children. Genghis’ wrath knows no bounds when it comes to liberating his people.


Character Age: ** 19
Birthdate:** Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Was a Body Guard, now is currently attempting to create an underground group of freedom fighters.

Genghis has a simple past, born of selective breeding for a more aggressive Lupus strain, more feral in mind. He was purchased and collared the moment he was able to consume solid food. The purchaser was not to be his owner though, rather the daughter of the man.

For all that he could remember of his young life, he was -forged- by his trainer. Day after day, his trainer, pushed Genghis’ young body to its physical limitations and beyond, while being nearly starved at the same time.

At the age of nine he was deemed ready to begin his duties, becoming the bodyguard and personal slave of a stunning twenty year old human woman. Even during this time he was trained vigorously. Over the next few years, as he grew taller and stronger, he became more than just a slave to the woman, but also a special toy. Suitors would come for the lady, and she would pit them against her trophy to prove their worth. Time and again they were beaten down and left broken. The victories were always –rewarded-, a reward Genghis was compelled to obey, bound to his masters wishes by the collar.

Soon enough the father of Genghis’ master found out about his daughters little rewards for her slave. His punishment was server, unable to fight back due to his collar; he was beaten and whipped severally. To end it off, Genghis was cursed to never have his face seen again; a enchanted mask perfectly molded to his head and locked in place much like a collar, a permanent reminder that his master was not to use him for things other than personal safety…

Years went by, Genghis’ grew to hate and loath humans more and more, no matter what small kindnesses they showed him, they were compounded by mistreatment. He kept his contempt hidden, playing the perfect servant, all but given up freedom. Until one lucky day he slipped up, still recovering from a combination of training, sex, and a beating from the previous night… His leg muscles cramped up, causing him to fall to the ground. Hitting his head on a rock he blacked out for a moment.

When he came to, he was staring directly into the eyes of his master. Something was different though, there was no life in them, she was dead. At first he didn’t know what to do, he felt angry, sad, and happy all at once. There was only one thing to do, his collar was only wired to her commands, he was free. And so Genghis picked up his master, and carried her to hi- no her home in his arms. Needless to say he left covered in blood…



Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: N/A
Special Skills: Genghis is proficient in combat with daggers, swords, spears and oddly enough shields. Though due to his training as a body guard, almost all his skills are focused on defense rather then offense.