Player Name Karith

Character Name: Garren.
Secondary Name:
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.


Height: 5’6”.
Weight: 125lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown.
Eyes Colour: Green.
Skin Tone: Deep Tan.

Garren wears his brown hair long, hanging down to his shoulders, and rarely bothers to comb it down. He dresses in a lose vest, and a pair of simple pants with fur lining the ankles, and tough leather shoes, nothing of any real warmth despite the dropping temperatures. His eyes are a gleaming, malicious, emerald green, bright against his skin and hair.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Evil.

//Garren is malicious and cruel, he cares little for others and always of his personal gain. He is young, but outshines the viciousness of many adults. He takes a terrible glee in causing those he dislikes pain, and thinks nothing of how others may feel.

When Garren wants something, he takes it, and cares not what he has to do, or who he has to hurt to get it, even if it means cutting it out of their grip one finger at a time. Yet, he isn’t insane. Not completely and dramatically. While having an Anti-Social personality disorder, it stops there.//


Character Age: Fifteen.
Birthdate: April First.
Birthplace: Yuno.
Occupation: Thief.

//Garren, growing up, lived a fairly normal life. Slavery was nothing special to him, just a natural part of life. Yet, due to reasons his parents are at a loss to understand, Garren grew up sadistic. He cared little at all for others, less even for slaves, and expected everyone to simply give him what he wanted.

Because of this, he has little empathy for Sakura, his slave, never hesitating to lash out at disobedience. It has also driven him from much of a true friendship, and has pushed him to take what he wants by force, naturally becoming a Rogue.

This has also forced Sakura to become more resourceful in order to please him. He despises begging, after all what he wants he should get. In a bizarre way, this transfers over to his idea of his own slave, thinking that she should simply take what se wants, so long as she remembers her place at his feet.

Very recently, Garren has begun taking Saukra to his bed, entertaining his more sensual desires.//


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Berries
Special Skills: Archery, Stealth