Fumiko Takahashi
Player Name Asuzu

Character Name: Fumiko Takahashi
Secondary Name: Fumi
Race: Kumiho
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5'0
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair Colour: Turquoise
Eyes Colour: Crimson
Skin Tone: Pale

Fumiko is somewhat busty, but she often wears long dresses. She favors her clothes to be loose but compliment her figure. She is often seen wearing a toga-esque dress that ties in the middle and splitting up to the thigh down the side. She often wears strappy sandal-like heels with this dress. Her colors favor light blue, gold, and white, but she will wear other colors dpending on her mood. Most of her other outfits are dresses varying in coverage for colder seasons. When it is colder she likes to wear high heeled boots that usually come to her ankles and have shiny buckles on them.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Good, I suppose?

Fumiko is shy and soft-spoken, despite her appearance. She doesn't generally talk to anyone unless they talk to her first. She will often treat people politely with respect out of habit. When alone, she is usually sad and mulling over her being alone in general. She can often be seen reading or practicing magic…Well, Idly playing with a fireball or something. She has a secret love for shiny objects, so she does get distracted by them on occasion when she is by herself. When with others, she shows great self constraint in that matter, though. She gets aggravated when people use swear words around her or smell too strongly, good or bad. She also does not like strangers getting up in her personal space or touching her ears. She will slap someone for that!


Character Age: 20
Birthdate: December 7th
Birthplace: Yuno
Occupation: Maid

Fumiko was born into slavery as well as her sister, Emiko. They had moderately lenient owners who taught them to read and write when they were young, but their slave masters could not afford to keep them on as well as their parents. They were both sold to separate families and have not seen each other since. Fumiko was sold to a family that treated her more like a house pet than an actual person, she would often sneak out and do various jobs to earn the money to buy back her freedom. After several years of working and hiding her money under the floorboard waiting for the right time, the time came..The family had lost their money due to the father's excessive gambling and were unable to support themselves, much less a slave. Fumiko took this opportunity to buy back her freedom and they took the money and agreed to let her go without a fight. She now wanders outside of the Republic to avoid being returned to slavery, collarless and free but from time to time she returns in disguise searching for her sister to free her as well.


  • None so far?

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Most anything with chicken-like meat.
Special Skills: Despite being a magic user, she is physically very strong.

Fumiko secretly likes reading sappy romance novels. She also loves flowers, no matter what kind.