Foxtrot Mcgraw
Player Name Jotie

Character Name: Foxtrot McGraw
Secondary Name: Foxy. Kindheart.
Race: Kumiho
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Colour: Red-orange
Eyes Colour: Amber
Skin Tone: Light tan. Not very dark though.

He wears contacts in order to see better. First, he usually wears his hair in a ponytail. He has a more female-like face. His eyes have several white spots on them, the cause of his near-sighted ways. He has a small nose, and a very small chin. He has pretty much a round face. He tends to have a smooth and soft skin texture upon his body though. And he has several scratches and claw marks all around his bodies.

Personality & Mannerisms

He is kind to others, but defends others when needed to. He has a proud heart, regardless of what others think of him. He doesn't get sad that easily from his pride. His manners at the table is pretty formal. Eating anything with a fork and knife, and not keeping his elbows on the table. He has a speech problem, reason being is the way he was raised.

Disposition: Lawful Good

His personality around others is a bit neutral. He respects others wishes and doesn't bother with others, unless they are a slave driver. He doesn't really show anger to others, and keeps his head level, when people try to piss him off. He has a morale of not attacking someone, unless he gets attacked first.


Character Age: 16
Birthdate: March 12, 3139
Birthplace: Yuno
Occupation: Wants to become a Doctor.

Foxtrot was born in Yuno, but was born as a slave on March 12, 3139. Around the age of 5, he was sold to a man named Darin McGraw. Though, he was a slave, he was soon freed by that same man, so that he could grow normally. He took care of Foxtrot like he was his son. He showed love, caring, and kindness to him, teaching him ways of being a gentleman.

Foxtrot trained in boxing and fighting, as well as self-defense. He wanted to protect others, while he also wanted to use his powers to help others. He hated killing, so he wouldn't resort to that. Instead, he would knock anyone out and send them to the authorities.

Foxtrot one day asked his father upon why he adopted him. His father then told him a long story about his wife dying from childbirth of a stillborn son. He was depressed about that, sure, but it made him want to have a child of his own. He also wanted to get rid of slavery, and that was the reason why he bought Foxtrot from a slave driver.

Upon him turning 10, his father was attacked by a hired assassin, and Foxtrot couldn't defend him in time. It angered Foxtrot enough, that he resorted in killing the assassin without question. It was the first time he ever killed someone. He mourned for the loss of his beloved father, and now homeless, he went to the wilderness for living out on his own.

He ended up meeting a boy named Jotie. He had the same goals, upon wanting to help others. He soon found himself in a new group of family, a family of Alfar's. His new father seemed to not like him though. Zuki also seemed to at first, but then told him that he would protect him, considering he is a brother of the family. Krystal though, was very flirtatious, and her actions were even strange and sexual. Foxtrot would avoid anything that may cause sexual actions upon one another. But Jotie is his favorite brother, and would do anything for him. It seemed Jotie thought the same way to Foxtrot.


* Aelin: Kind Aliouros. Seems trustful enough. Truthfully, he isn't a bad person. He would probably take Krystal's mind off of Jotie and I ((See Krystal Tamaro and Jotie Tamaro )). He would probably keep her in check too hopefully. I wouldn't mind asking him out for tea once in a while, if he's the tea drinking sort. ((Trustful. Would protect him in times of need))
* Canas Va'althal von Rorhas: Strange fellow. But likable in a way. I only briefly know him from Jotie, but he does seem quite a part of a good guy of sort. I think he isn't that bad of a fellow. Has good intentions. ((Trustful. Would protect him in times of need))
* Dariam ((See Zuki Tamaro )): He's quite a strange fellow really. Doesn't talk much, but seems to appear at times behind shadows. At times I'm afraid of this character. Only a few times I've seen this fellow appear to me to protect me. Is he a guardian of some sort? If he is, I am glad he is looking out for me. ((Unsure. Is glad to have him behind his back though))
* Delilah: Heh, as if Jotie ((See Jotie Tamaro )) talks about her, I seem to know a lot about her, even though we haven't fully met. It was a simple greeting, but I believe Jotie likes the lass. I think they'd might make a nice couple if times arise. Maybe it would keep his mind off of trying to research a medicine to extend my life. ((Trustful. Would protect her in times of need))
* Jotie Tamaro: My brother from another mother really. Though, I'm not sure if I had a mother, let alone if I ever had an actual family. He's a great man, and he'd be the guy to be with at tough times. I just wish he'd relax from his experiments to find a medicine for what I call 'Fountain of Youth'. Really, even though I like his attempts, I just hope his attempts doesn't kill him because of me. I'd feel terrible for my favorite brother. ((Trusted and secret crush. Would do anything for him, even killing himself to protect him))
* Krystal Tamaro: I fear she is between a lovable sister to being able to be the beautiful abomination of all males. She is beautiful, yes. She is nice, yes. But even though I tell her many times, I will not have sex with her. Instead, I was forced to mate with Jotie. First thing we did is escape when we had the chance. I fear that has scarred Jotie and part of me too. I only hope she means well. She is a bit naive though. Hopefully she'd grow old of her role-play days. ((Trustful. Would protect her from anything and would do anything for her, except sexual pleasures for her))
* Sithe Strife: He's a strange Kumiho, but he's a likable character. He's about the same height as Jotie too. Though, I was a bit worried when I used the word small around him, even though it wasn't pointed at him. I believe that is his pet peeve, if using a word that follows the words of something that means tiny. Seems to like Jotie a bit too. ((Likable enough to protect him if possible))
* Zuki Tamaro: At first, I wasn't sure of what to think of this lad. But now that I think of it, he's a kind-hearted fellow, if you look behind his gruff appearance and attitude. He is pretty protective of his family, which I am partially glad of. ((Trustful. Would do anything for him))

Misc Facts

Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Drink: Milk
Favorite Alcohol: Red Wine.
Special Skills: Knows pretty good magic. Able to use his sleeves as a bag, bringing in anything that no one could think of. Even a minigun. (IC Use)
Favorite Animal: Canines
Favorite Color: Yellow