Player Name CFHS

Character Name: Esalda
Secondary Name:
Race: Alfar
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5'7"
Weight: Thin but a bit muscular
Hair Colour: Blond
Eyes Colour: Blue
Skin Tone: Fair

Esalda has little in the way of clothing, preferring comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict her movements - not for a lack of dignity or grace, but for the presence of innocence. Her Hair is kept clean though wild and her nails scarcely ever need to be trimmed, regardless to remaining short. Esalda's face is quite sharp in it's features and for that matter, quite pointed; she still finds her own relatively recently acquired feminine features out of place and it's evident by the way she occasionally glares down at her body when it brings itself to her attention that she misses her still recent youth.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral Good

Kind, helpful and generous also define Esalda, though nowhere near so much as perceived naivety; often citing simple solutions to obviously more complex problems and assuming that everyone is always telling the truth about what's on their mind. Esalda is slow to upset, difficult to anger, quick to forgive but rarely forgets - which is to her benefit, seeing as the trick almost always works the first time… and sometimes the second.
Politically, Esalda is best defined as a communist - she believes that everyone is capable of anything they set their minds to, and that everyone should be treated as though they were working at optimum capacity. While often not true, it leads into a more peculiar trait for one so lost to reality - Esalda ISN'T vegan. While she believes that while all things that live are equal, that equality means different things given different circumstances - primarily that creatures should act as the gods intended them to: "A lion should not be made a herbivore."


Character Age: 43
Birthdate: December 13th
Birthplace: Alfheim
Occupation: Unemployed

Esalda was always a wild youth - spending as little time with people as possible during her early years, often sitting somewhere in contemplation or enjoying the various wonders of nature. While others were spending time learning or practicing their social values, Esalda would wander off to look for forgotten hiding places and places of great natural beauty. Her parents, while not particularly fond of the amount of time she spent wandering, for the most part just accepted that such was part of whom Esalda was - and whom she, for the most part, continues to be to this day.

If one were to say that she 'became' a good person, Esalda herself could tell you that they were lying - that she never actually decided she wanted to be good, it was just something that came naturally to her; living her life by a code was just too far from her grasp… but living by a basic rule? "Leave every place you visit better than when you first arrived" - that? That she could do.


Misc Facts

  • Enjoys citrus fruits.

More to come.