Elsrea Gottschalk


Player hulttiems

Character Name: Elsrea Gottschalk
Secondary Name: Els
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 133lbs
Hair Colour: White
Eyes Colour: Emerald Green
Skin Tone: Pale

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Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Elsrea is very soft spoken at times, and usually has her head in the clouds. She will hardly make any attempts to start a conversation. She doesn't necessarily hate people, she just kind of forgets they're there. She dislikes ignorance, but not so much to a degree where she will fight. Otherwise, she can be a very nice, yet strange person to talk to.
Appearance: Elsrea wears a very dark coloured leather jacket with violet accents. She has a skull strapped onto her left shoulder, and a chain of skulls that hang from her belt.
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Character Age: 27
Birthdate: December 17
Birthplace: Payon
Occupation: Necromancer, Spiritual Medium.
History: Elsrea was born in a small cottage in the outskirts of Payon. At a very young age she demonstrated that she could see and hear things that could not be seen to the naked eye. Around the age of 4 her parents would find her in graveyards having conversations with herself and would often be teased by other children.
Tension rose high when the other children started to bully her to fearful extremes. The children chased her to the river near payon and pushed her in. The currents drug her under and slammed her against the rocks until she was eventually rescued. She lied comatose for a year.
During one night however, she was kidnapped in her comatose state and brought to a remote hut out in the umbala jungle. Elsrea awoke and could not remember anything after the ordeal, not even her family. A cloaked woman approached Elsrea. When Elsrea asked who she was she introduced herself as Ahnka. Ankha was a very tall slender and tanned woman who had a very kind face.
Ankha helped Elsrea develop her spiritual awarness, Necromancy, and basic hand to hand combat.
At the age of 17 Elsrea traveled to the Republic to search out a life of her own. She met a very handsome young man, Drake. To her it was love at first sight. After getting married, word of war came to their ears. They quickly retreated to Rachel and started a small family, having a daughter and a son.
However, running away from the war didn't gaurentee their safety. At the age of 22 Elsrea's family was taken by a very deadly disease. She was devestated and wanted to bring them all back, however, Drake told her not to because they will always be with her.
At that time, she took their skulls and burnt their bodies. She took the ashes to Umbala where she buried the Urn near a tree.
She tried to live the rest of her days in Umbala, but food was scarce and her house was falling apart. Elsrea knew it was time to move on and start a new life elsewhere.

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  • Jotie Tamaro: A very short alf who made very small conversation with her. She doesn't see anything too particularly wrong with him.
  • Aelin: A strange Ailouros who offered her a home and food. So far, doesn't seem too bad.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Dried, spicy meat.
Special Skills: Postmortem reanimation, communicating with the deceased, adequate hand to hand combat.
Misc: The skulls that dangle from her belt are the skulls of her husband, daughter and son. They were all taken by a very fatal disease. She can get very protective around them.