Edil Cyrus
Player Name: Diodao

Character Name: Edil Cyrus

Secondary Name: Edil on its own is just fine.

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 6 Feet

Weight: 160 Pounds

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eyes Colour: Blue

Skin Tone:White

It is obvious that Edil only does what is necessary to appear well groomed. He shaves daily and washes, but obviously cannot seem to tame his hair to stay neatly combed. This actually bothers him since it gives him a stereotypical “mad scientist” look, which he feels he is not. He owns a few outfits, one of these being his work uniform, and another outfit being one he wears when off the clock. The work uniform is just a standard white labcoat with dark slacks and boots. The other consists of a tan cape, a green sweater top with a high collar going up the neck, black boots, and white slacks.

Personality & Mannerisms

A man who loves good company, a decent book, and a well made wine, so he’s definitely easy to please and enjoys what the world has been able to create. He has a terrible weakness towards women, but has yet to find love. He just feels he doesn’t have the personal time for it. However he typically keeps a jovial grin on his face and often tries to make time to help those who ask him for it.

Disposition: Chaotic Good

Edil Cyrus has his own personal ways he would like to handle things. He wants to find the best ways to unite magic with science to pave the way for a better future for humans of Scwartzvald. He tries his best to plan ahead, but usually isn’t given enough time to consider all his options and plunges headlong into the one that would work well alongside his current mood.


Character Age: 29

Birthdate: January 22nd

Birthplace: Yuno

Occupation: Ethereal Engineer

Born into a family of tailors, Edil felt he would always just be normal. However at the age of seven he was found capable of performing simple magics on his own, and off to the Yuno Academy he was sent. How his parents ever afforded it he wasn’t sure, but to him it meant he wouldn’t have to be in a workshop sewing and patching all day. He’d take an interesting opportunity like this any day over being a tailor.

He graduated at 18, one of the top ten of his class. He wasn’t their best student magically that had ever walk the halls, but his capability to apply research fascinated them. He was given a job by recommendation from the academy in Yuno to work in Lighthalzen so as to be given a chance to apply himself for his country. He has helped the city of Lighthalzen for over eleven years now in their crazy experimentations on all matter of life forms. Sure there are a lot of potentially “unethical” practices within the research labs, but if they were so horrible it surprises Edil that the gods haven’t exactly killed them all with their powers. At the same time, he’s beginning to think there should be some standards in place for better treatment towards the furred and other creatures of the universe.

For now though he is trying to find a way to break off his contracts to Lighthalzen so he can concentrate more on his own personal goals which he isn’t fully sure how he will go about yet.


Sonata: Cute, and curious, just like a standard house cat. Maybe eventually I'll meet her master.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Edil likes to eat on special occasions grilled fish with a red wine.

Special Skills: Research, Discerning various types of magical energies

  • Actually does not agree with the slavery in the country he is a part of. However he is silent on his distaste towards the act at this time due to not having a full plan of action for how to change the working conditions that the furred are put under.
  • A hobby of his is fishing. He absolutely has no idea why he loves to perform this activity, but he thinks it is because it lets him think about other things while catching some of his favorite food.