Edan Fuinur Paisean
Player Masaki

Character Name: Edan Fuinur Paisean
Race: Alfar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 5'9”
Weight: 122 lb
Hair Colour: White
Eyes Colour: Red Violet
Skin Tone: Pale, darkens quickly in the sun

Edan is pale and slender, as many elves are, though his red-violet eyes and white hair are a little odd. His ribs don't show as much as they used to, though his lean muscle doesn't make him exactly 'muscular' or even 'toned'. He's got a set of scars on his back, as if from claws. Another pair of scars denotes a sword across the chest and a knife to the gut. He wears his hair long and braided behind his back (he's secretly a bit of a dandy). Someone once told him it looked better when he took it out… He likes to wear fancy robes, his current set is crimson. He also wears a purple ribbon to tie back his hair, a gift from his mother, and a circlet to hold back his bangs, one he feels looks “properly elven.” They go well with his slim face and pointed nose, or so he tells himself, though he's often accused of looking feminine. Edan requires glasses, as he is nearsighted, so he wears a small pair that perches on his nose. He smells vaguely of wood smoke.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good

Edan's always been introverted. He's incredibly curious and the only thing he likes more than poking his nose into things and knowing more than other people is sharing what he learns. Like many mages so enthusiastic about magic for its own sake, he's pretty nerdy. He doesn't do physical activity well, and he's awkward around women. He's a little bit more concerned with his appearance than most, he enjoys wearing his long hair combed out and he likes brightly colored, rich robes that he runs over with enchantments to keep them looking fine. Edan has an obsessive nature- when he devotes himself to something it tends to consume him. This drove him on to powerful magic at his very young age, but brought him tragedy- losing a woman. He's also very focused, as to keep his powerful magic in line takes constant control. In spite of that, he's prone to moodiness, when under pressure his control can slip. This can make him come off as uptight- he doesn't enjoy partying or losing control and he can be a drag on people who do. He's also never really gotten over his lost marriage. He speaks with a slightly scottish accent and gets irritated quickly. He used to be very awkward around women, though his discomfort around women faded at the same time as his interest in them did, it resurfaces when he's in his better moods. He has a thing for white-haired girls, but his libido is something he shoves to the back of his thoughts. He would much rather focus on work than women, but other people's problems will bring him, grumbling all the way, out of that focus.


Character Age: 52
Birthdate: August 17
Birthplace: Geffen
Occupation: Wizard

It starts with Edan’s mother, a sage and sometime pirate of no small talent. She traveled afar and fell in love with a Svartalf who vanished as quickly as he came. She was left with twins and setted in the mage’s city of Geffen to raise them. One was a healthy girl, the other a sickly boy, both as talented in magic as the mother. When the two were old enough to be schooled in magic their mother left again with the pirates. She loved her children but was around but occasionally. Nonetheless Edan and his sister, both ambitious students became almost too talented for their young ages. Edan grew under the tutelage of his master, Joren Motley and his rivalry with his sister Iris. After his acceptance as a full wizard an argument drove the twins apart, and Edan traveled far afield, learning the magic of sages on the way. It was across the sea in the east that he met a woman named Ranth, who would become his wife. In the capital city he, at the urging of his mother, became captain of the guard for a time. Though his skill was great and few criminals could escape his magic, the stress of the job ate at him. He needed to use more and more magic to keep the civil unrest in check, and made enemies with his increasingly more ruthless approach to police work. Then, his wife died, and he fell apart. He turned to his roots in magic and tried to become a teacher, but his apprentice was a failure. He devoted himself to study, but he soon found that Yuno's academy was a den of corruption and he was forced to forsake that place as well During a stopover in Payon, he tried to train several students. Teaching furred magic seemed like a way to strike back against the wickedness he saw in the north. Teaching students has not been the succcess he hoped for. His first, Jeremiah, was brash and impatient, and betrayed him violently. His second, Sophie, learned well from him, but vanished overnight. And his third, Delilah, has grown to make him proud, but has become oddly attached to her master, unwilling to strike out alone. Edan after reaching his Age of Reason has taken up a home in Payon from where he's taught the arts of combat magic. For years, Edan and Delilah have worked to spread knowledge of magical defenses and after the end of open warfare, Edan has once again turned his attention to research. Idle hands bring sadness, so working is best for the mental health. He spends much of his research time helping people with problems, though from time to time his mind turns towards his past. Days like that end with him spending the entire night trying to figure out how to call the spirits of the dead or shape false bodies from raw materials until he passes out and hides away the questionable notes in one of his many magical journals.


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Edan enjoys tea and biscuits. He misses when his sister would bake them…
Special Skills: Edan's good at the Natural and Chemical sciences in addition to his mastery of Evocation and Abjuration. He can see magic with very little effort. He's gotten stronger since his Age of Reason.
Random Facts Edan's connected to magics involving heat and flame on a spiritual level. His need to control the fires inside him affects him deeply. Edan finds it almost impossible to sleep in a bed alone.
Fears Edan fears assassins (after two or three attempts), spiders, and drowning. He strongly dislikes svartalfar and cold weather. He misses his sister, mother and wife.