Delilah kerisu

"I need to live longer! There's still so much magic I don't know!" - Delilah

Character Name: Delilah
Secondary Name: Deli, pup
Race: Lupus
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Hetero


Height: 5 feet
Weight: 100 pounds
Hair Colour: Pink
Eyes Colour: Grey
Skin Tone: Ashy

Delilah's current appearance is somewhat cute. She's very short, like her dog breed; the Chinese Crested. Underneath her purple robes with golden trim, she's very thin and spindly. Her ears are very large and hairy, so hairy, in fact, that they look like two fluffy, light-pink pigtails on her head. She has a very small mouth and nose when compared to her large eyes… she also has a somewhat large forehead.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good

Delilah is excitable and playful, in many ways she still acts like a puppy. She knows she's cute, and will sometimes try to use that to her advantage. She's extremely curious and hates being kept out-of-the-loop.


Character Age: 16
Birthdate: unknown
Birthplace: Rekenber Genetic testing Facilities
Occupation: Sage

When Delilah was born, she turned out horribly wrong. In the past, Humans that bred Chinese Crested often had these problems: The dogs had teeth missing, their paws were misshapen, they were born blind, deaf, or mute, they couldn't chew or swallow food, their skin was dry and blotchy and covered in acne or boils… But humans tried to make a Chinese Crested Lupus, anyway. When Delilah was born, she had all of these problems. she was sent to the room where they placed failed expiraments, and was scheduled to be euthanized. Adelardi, a biochemist who worked for the company came in to inspect the specimens in the termination chamber. The sight of the helpless, crippled Lupus broke his heart. He sensed something in her that the other failed specimens in that room didn't have; a will to live. After erasing any record of her, he took her to his home in Geffen, to see if he could cure her on his own.
He learned that the reason for the Chinese Crested's maladies was that the same gene that makes a dog hairless also affects it's skin, teeth, eyes, and feet. Since she was a Lupus, and that race isn't covered in fur like actual dogs, he crafted serum that would repair her genes by giving her dog genes fur again. Re-introducing the fur gene would put back the missing sequences in her DNA, and make her healthy. Once he injected her with the cure, within weeks her skin cleared up, her puppy teeth grew in, and her vision returned. Adelardi continued to work at Rebekener Corp, and would occasionally let Delilah stay with some of his friends while he was at work. Since he lived in Geffen, a lot of his friends were mages. Delilah was very happy until one day, her master mysteriously vanished. Adelardi's friends told Delilah that it probably wasn't safe for her to stay in the house.
Delilah Fled to Payon, when she met Edan, Who let her Join the academy of Strategy and taught her magic. Delilah's lived with Edan throughout the war, helping him with his projects.


  • Edan Fuinur Paisean: Eden is Delilah's favorite person in the world. She thinks very highly of Edan, and still considers him her teacher as well as a father figure.
  • Lariam Alsconti: Delilah's best friend. She loves to tease him, but hates when others do so without her permission.
  • Arvanna: Delilah wants to help Arvanna be freed, and help her feel she is safe, for once.
  • Jack Ketch: Jack came into Payon and beat everybody up, one day. He is very mean.
  • Jotie Tamaro: a cute little Alfar kid who, despite being a sage, does not know evocation. She finds him fun to be around and is not at all disturbed by his appearence
  • Canas Va'althal von Rorhas: Delilah has forgiven him for his past douchebaggery, and has even come to respect him.
  • Stellatrine Verdant: Stella's a nice lady who shares her love of magic and monsters. She's gentle, and always has kind things to say.
  • Raim Darah: A blind archer who is way out of the loop. Delilah gave him a hat because he never had one before.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Peanut butter and Bacon (not together, though)
Special Skills: Delilah has a penchant for fire magic, an incredible sense of smell, and can dance, having learned to do so after mis-interpreting an instruction of Edan's

After consuming 3 golden Apples, Delilah now has a lifespan to rival that of a human's