Cyred Ghymn
Player Name Wolfie

Character Name: Cyred Ghymn.
Secondary Name: Creed or Red.
Race: Alfar.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Hexterosexual.


Height: 6'5".
Weight: 187lbs.
Hair Colour: Greyish Coal.
Eyes Colour: Sky Blue.
Skin Tone: Tan (Browish Peach).

Originally when Cyred was younger his hair was slightly shorter, and looked really shaggy. As he grew older his hair straighten out, and became quite nice in appearance. Cyred likes his hair to touch his neck, but if it grows past his neck he isn't afraid to get it trimmed up. When he was but a boy he decided that his weapon of choice would be a bow, and with this decision went about forming his body. He ran every day, did jumping jacks, and also did push ups. This lead Cyred to have fair, but effective legs and arms. He wears a Ranger uniform all the time, and often keeps the color of the uniform green so that he blends into forest environments. He normally wears black, and white color clothing. His most astonishing feature though is his eyes, and often at time acquaintances find themselves either lost (in) or drawn to his stare.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Bias Neutral.

Originally Cyred used to be a good hearted male that over thought the most simplest of things. He used to love adventuring for the pure feeling of mystery behind each quest. After coming to Midgard though Cyred was easily corrupted in the hustle, and bustle of modern day human life. Greed became a desirable sin to accept due to importance of coin in Midgard. Wanting as much zeny as he could get, he became self motivated to train even harder then he ever had before. After training for some time he found himself becoming somewhat of a monster hunter; in the sense that he hunted rare beast, and sold their rare spoils. After repeating this processes a few times Cyred became obsessed, and slowly transformed into a business man. Due to the corruption of Midgard Cyred is now: greedy, self-motivated, bias, stubborn, but overall business friendly. Though it's not in him to give a free hand out, "Sorry nothing is free so pay up".


Character Age: 40 years old.
Birthdate: February 27th.
Birthplace: Alfheim.
Occupation: Rarity Salesman.

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  • Character Name: Short explanation of encounter, and also determine whether the person is merely an acquaintance/friend/rival/or evil.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Steamed Desert Scorpions, and Dragon Breath Cocktail to chase it down.
Special Skills: Precise/accurate aiming and acute hearing.