"All characters before being posted should get approval from a GM. Send your profiles to this following email address, and it will be reviewed/processed."

All characters need a profile by level 50, or when they leave the first job class:
A extended classes need profiles when they hit Base Level 50
A normal class character will need a profile once it hits it's second class, or hits base 50 - whichever happens first.

"A new thief player, for example, will need to submit his profile before reaching base level 50 or before completing the job-change to assassin or rogue. A new gunslinger player, as a counter-example, must submit his profile before reaching base level 50 - since there is no Job Change quest for post-gunslingerdom, there is no other criteria."

Please post your character under the proper heading, and in the proper place on the list - the list is alphabetical.

Templates can be found by clicking the following link. Templates
Email: ac.evil|ORagdiM#ac.evil|ORagdiM