Changes Made


Mages now have the Earth Tree of spells, slightly modified, as magician skills.
Napalm Vulcan does shadow damage.
Staff Crasher does three hits instead of one.

Rogue Backstab does multiple hits, by level.

Only Basilica, Sanctuary, Aqua Benedicta and Aspersio consume items to cast; all other priest skills have had their item-requirements removed.
Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti no longer requires two acolyte-classes standing next to you to cast.

Carts can hold ten times normal weight.

No current changes.

Ensembles can all be cast by a single bard or dancer.

All items that were equippable by "Any Class Except Novice" are now equippable by "Any Class, Including Novice".
Supernovice HP and SP tables are no longer the same as standard novice HP/SP tables.

HP/SP tables were mildly boosted.
Gatling Gun aspd tables were boosted significantly.


Berserk Potions
Any class can use Berserk potions. The level requirement is still in place.
Magnifiers are infinite use.


Valkyrie Shoes
Valkyrie's Shoes now give a bonus by level to max HP, and a bonus by joblevel to max SP. This effect is for any job that can wear them.


MVP Cards
Eddga card: Wearer has permanent Endure effect as the lv1 skill. Wearer cannot be knocked back, and gains 10% max HP.

Normal Cards
Enchanted Peach Tree card: Wearer has a chance to cast Level 1 Heal on self whenever attacked by an enemy. If the wearer knows Heal at a level higher than 3, the wearer will autocast the highest level they know of Heal.