Canas Va Althal Von Rorhas
Player Auren

Character Name: Canas va'althal von Rorhas
Secondary Name: Arcanist
Race: Svartalf
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight as a Rod


Canas is a Svartalf of slight build. He is wiry but that doesn't mean he doesn't lack for physical strength. On the other hand, his mildly unkempt silver hair frames his face, of which the left half carries deep burn scars, reaching up to his eye. His left eye itself is a white color and completely clouded over, a remnant of the damage done to the eye. The scarring goes down his neck and all the way down to his leg, creating a patch work appearance of scarred and unmarred tissue. While Canas was able to elect for cosmetic surgery, he chose not to, instead deciding to carry his scars with a quiet pride and dignity.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 144
Hair Colour: Blue-Silver
Eyes Colour: White
Skin Tone: Dark Brown

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Nuetral
Canas has found a new lease on life and thus, strives to make the most
of it. Amiable and quiet, he has lost his old arrogance from almost
twenty years ago, having found that he could not maintain that
attitude after having been through what he had. He now more or less
tries to stay out of everyone's way but isn't afraid of using his
strength either.


Character Age: 180
Birthdate: March 14th
Birthplace: Svartalfheim
Occupation: Mercenary

Born in a poorer slum of Svartalfheim, Canas was introduced to the
struggle of life at a very early age, having watched his mother get
raped and murdered by a pair of human mercenaries. This has left a
permanent mark on Canas, leading him to believe that those who are
strong are the ones who survive. His discussions with Lady Freyja have
only solidified this belief. Pushing to get accepted into the Academy
at an earlier age, he blazed through courses until he had to choose
between magic and the sword.

To Canas, the choice was obvious. Magic.

Canas believed that magical power was the key, giving him the
capability to wreak far more havoc then a person could with a gun,
sword or bow. Graduating near the top of his class in the arcane arts,
he was snapped up by Svarthrid's Allgemeine before Allgemeine al'Haest
for his talents and knowledge.

It was when the last war picked up that the Svartalf found his
services used, as a mercenary for Schwartzvald. For all eight years of
the war, he served with honors, often the match of multiple Rune
casters. At almost the very end, the Svartalf, along with Svarthrid
were assembled, having captured a deserter. As they were preparing to
execute her, Rune started up its magic bombardment once more,
annihilating the Svarthrid base camp handily, and killing all except
for one.

While he was critically injured, he managed to hike to friendly troops
where he immediately collapsed and slipped into a coma. Schwartzvald
medical science was able to save him. When he woke up, however, he was
half the man he was, and required a year and a half of physical
therapy before being able to be independent. From there, he lived each
day as though he had a new lease on life. His old arrogance was
replaced with a quiet wonder of the world, as though noticing it for
the first time. He spent this time relearning everything in terms of


None as of yet.