Alyina Tanhauser
Player Name /Auren//

Character Name: Alyina Tanhauser
Secondary Name: Aly
Race: Lupus
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Whatever catches her eye


Height: 6'2
Weight: 172 lbs
Hair Colour: Gunmetal grey
Eyes Colour: Light gold
Skin Tone: Dark tan

Alyina is a lithe Lupus, whose strength doesn't lie in bulk but the
whipcord strength of her toned body. She is, despite her training and
predilection for heavy lifting and work such as her favored trade,
Blacksmith, quite curvy. Her hair and fur are gun metal grey, to which
she chooses to augment the color singularity by wearing similarly
colored clothing, creating a blended appearance. She favors a
meteoric breastplate, with matching paldrons and gauntlets. She leaves
her legs unarmored for the sake of mobility, though the plating does
cover her thighs, leaving a thin line of flesh between her greaves and
war belt.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Nuetral

Alyina, around others, acts a bit clueless and like an airhead, though
she does that to cover her sharp mercantile mind. She can pick up on
quite a few things, and her attention to detail from metalworking
applies to her interactions from others. This may be a bit
off-settling as she seems to act like an airhead yet give out a
piercing comment or observation. When she is 'working,' or attempting
to ply her trade, she gains an intensity that unlike of a roaring

As a Lupus, she becomes fiercely loyal to those who she will call
friend. Unfortunately for everyone else, this is rare.


Character Age: 12
Birthdate: March 19th
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Mastersmith

Alyina was born in Lighthalzen, to a pair of Lupus breeders, and
raised accordingly as so, eating in a mess hall, never having any
privacy from her 'litter mates,' or 'batch' according to the master
breeder. Thus born into an incredibly competitive setting, she fought
just as hard for the most food, most space, scraps of clothing, the
pack leader's favor as any of her 'brothers or sisters.' At the age of
two, she was purchased by a Blacksmith couple visiting from
Arunafeltz, who they themselves could not conceive. Taken away from
the pack she knew as home, she was very much alone in the world, in
her thoughts and feelings, despite the love lavished on her by her new

Spending a year in a melancholy state, she wandered to her parents
forge where she watched her father forge parts of a new plow. Drawn to
the art of metalworking, she found her new purpose in life as she
strove to learn every possible nuance of metal working and
mercantilism in the City of Merchants, Rachel.

It has only been a year since her parents have awarded her with the
title of Journeyman Blacksmith. Her skill with metal suggests
otherwise but it is her somewhat naive nature that holds her back.


None yet, will update if I remember

Misc Facts

Special Skills: Mercantilism and metalworking