Player Name Lelantos908

"Life is short enough as it is - might as well live it fast and try to not to make to many enemies on the way" - Aelin

"All Lupus have a stick up their butt - how else can you explain why they never smile?" - Aelin

Character Name: Aelin
Secondary Name: None
Race: Ailouros
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5"5
Weight: 129 lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eyes Colour: Yellow
Skin Tone: Faint Tan

At first glance, Aelin looks like your typical Ailouros. He's got the ears and tail of a cat and that certain flair in his walk that emotes self-confidence. His tail, however, his a lot larger than the average Ailouros, over one and a half feet long. His wardrobe in the past has been weak in terms of clothing but recently he has acquired a number of clothing to outfit a small army of people. This change came about because he realized that, despite your positive attitude and mannerisms, people still judged you on your appearance. And so Aelin made the decision that he wanted every first impression to be a great first impression.

Aelin has really long hair that goes down to the small of his back. It is jet-black and has never been dyed. Because of his long hair, he's often been mistaken for a women but he usually takes it in good stride. Aelin has recently cut and dyed his hair in order to start anew from a failed relationship with an Alfar. It is now shoulder length and dyed a deep blue to match his clothes. His build is generally small but toned from years of hard work. He is considered by some to be handsome but he considers himself to just be "better than the average cat". His eyes, the distinct yellow of a cat, seem to shine with positive energy that radiates from them. He's got a very handsome face that always brightens up when he smiles. His hair, while long in the back, is cropped neatly on the front so his hairline sits just above his eyes. When it gets a little too long, he's been known to flick it quite often.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral Good

Like most other furred, Aelin does not trust people that come from the Republic. His mistrust does not end there, though. He was used by the Rune-Midgard military when he first exiled to the area as a spy and scout, forcibly conscripted. His mistrust for those within the military system of any organization stems from that occasion. He generally likes the company of all races, even humans. He enjoys it when human women find him attractive. He knows little of the Alfar races and even less of their cultural and social mannerisms. He can be awkward among those races since he doesn't know the proper way to behave. Second to the Alfar are the Lupus, who he believes have "a stick up their butt since they are always frowning and never smiling." He still tries to befriend them but his attempts are generally unsuccessful. He believes his generally outgoing nature tends to put off the more introverted Lupus. Aelin likes the rest of the furred race and is very comfortable being himself around them, for better or for worse. He met many Nanabozho in his lifetime of traveling and believes that most are too flighty to make good mates. The Kumiho women have the potential but some can be reclusive, which turns him off. Other Ailouros seem to work perfectly fine for him.

Aelin has developed a more mature attitude that he believes has come with age. He no longer seems to disrespect people intentionally for a good laugh and he is more interested in getting to know woman on a romantic level than just having endless sex with them and then leaving. He seems to have matured greatly in a short period of time, to the point that his two personalities (the one before and his current one) are almost unidentifiable. His current personality is very grounded - he no longer wishes to impress women with flashy moves and fancy items to have random sex with them; rather, he's developed more of a romantic aspect to his personality. This sudden change came about when he realized that by performing the actions he did upon women, it was demeaning them. In one particular instance, he felt like a slave owner as he was the master and her the slave and that particular instance shocked him. This is not to say that he will not revert back to his old fun-loving personality. Aelin is still a mild trickster at heart, playing practical jokes upon people for no better reason than to get a good laugh; the main difference is that no one gets hurt in the process anymore by petty name-calling or bad jokes. If he is in a particularly fowl mood though, Aelin's behavior becomes irrational and impulsive. He will do things without thinking with no regard for the feelings of others or whom he might hurt in the process; however, this does not happen often since he usually has his best friend and pet falcon Remus to ground him with his silent support.

Recently, Aelin has started acting a bit more sour. This is due to the fact that he is somewhat depressed over the fact that his first real relationship he's ever had failed completely without warning to him.

He's also got a pretty positive attitude on life. "Life is short enough as it is. Do what feels right and be happy every step of the way" seems to be his motto. He tends to reiterate it in one form or another to everyone who seems to be down or depressed. Sometimes, he needs to be reminded of it himself.


Character Age: 25
Birthdate: August 21
Birthplace: Somewhere in the Schwartzvald Republic
Occupation: Retired Military Scout

Not much is known about his life before coming to Rune-Midgard. Either he has forcibly forgotten those memories or he has shared them with no one. What is known and on record is that while exiling to Rune-Midgard through Aldebaran, he was quickly conscripted by covert military forces in Rune-Midgard to scout and spy in Schwartzvald. He despised his time as a scout more than he despised his youth in the Republic. After his 4 years of service were up, he left the military and began living in the city of Payon because of its semi-seclusion to outside forces. Here he refined his skill with the bow and met new people that had never seen Ailouros in Payon before. He became quite popular among the local people as a charismatic person, especially the younger folk. He also developed a reputation as a skilled adventurer and master bowman. He and his falcon Remus are often seen traveling the world looking for the next dungeon, the next monster to kill, the next big item to find, the next thrill.

Aelin also has a deep fascination with magical items. He'll go to any length to acquire them. This includes grave robbing, tomb stomping, or ripping them off someone's cold dead hands. He rarely sells them - rather, he stockpiles them so he can view them later, or maybe use them or give them to friends who have performed a great personal service to him. He's made a profession out of his hobby as a valued dungeon explorer and treasure hunter. He finds old treasure and junky items, restores them to their former glory and sells them to the highest bidder at auctions. It is how he was able to afford his house in Payon. He keeps a log of his adventure and his collections that he carries with him at all times.


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Aelin gave her one of his most prized possessions, a mysterious egg. He also lets her use his house while she's in Payon since she sleeps alone on a stump outside the city.

Having gone to Moscovia and finding nothing of Opsend, Aelin told her he'd keep an eye around Payon for any more sighting of Ilya, Kiernan, or Skuld.

A guild mate of the Treasure Hunters, Aelin's trust for the reputable smith has grown tremendously with every addition to the guild bank.

Misc Facts

Special Skills: Spy, Scout, Adventurer, Treasure Hunter