Acaelus Thorne
Player Name Akilae

Character Name: Acaelus Thorne
Secondary Name: Galen, Ferric, Rhys, Essus… and many more aliases.
Race: MF-06
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 231lbs.
Hair Colour: Deep, Dark, Red.
Eyes Colour: Green.
Skin Tone: Pale-to-Average

Currently, Acaelus cuts a slim and lean figure, despite his weight. Something about being an MF-06 makes him heavier than other races of equivalent size, something the doctors were saying about bone density? Or possibly muscle density? He can’t remember anymore. He doesn’t train or exercise particularly hard, and yet somehow his physique stays as perfect as ever throughout the years. Ever since his escape from Schwartzvald many decades ago, Acaelus has never cut his blood-red hair (another artifact of being something different?) and it now hangs nearly to his knees. In his years of travel, and frequent bouts of being on the run, he’s made sure any disguise he assumes can accommodate his long hair. Acaelus typically stays fully covered besides his face, to not show any of the dozens of scars he’s accumulated in his years on the run or otherwise in conflict. One thing that would frighten or concern those around him if he ever stayed in one place long enough for them to notice would be how slowly he ages, as though he didn’t at all. As far as Acaelus knows, he hasn’t looked any older in well over fifty years. Something about whatever he is… is strange, and not like those around him.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Good.

Acaelus is the latest in a series of masks assumed by the creature created by Rekember all those years ago. To all outward observers he is a lackadaisical student with only moderate talent in the magic academy of Geffen. They would say he’s an aloof but of the daydreaming sort, and perfectly pleasant and engaging young man to talk to. One of the less affluent of the mage academy, he spends his days procrastinating away his studies, and his nights on the voluntary border patrols to the north of Geffen for extra zeny. His patrol-mates marvel at his knowledge of the local terrain and geography, as though he’d been a local for decades, and greatly appreciate his magical and practical skills in the field. Anyone who befriends him would say Acaelus Thorne is a loyal and honorable friend, and his fierce sense of right and wrong can sometimes get him into trouble.

However, this is only one of the masks, one of the personas, which Acaelus has worn in his lifetime.


Character Age: 160 years old.
Birthdate: September 5th.
Birthplace: Lighthalzen.
Current City: Geffen.
Occupation: Student, Volunteer.

Every decade or so, Acaelus finds a way to “go and travel to see the world,” his way of ending one identity to begin another in his ageless existence and keep locals from noticing how he never seems to age. He leaves behind all traces of his past acquaintances and experiences, and moves on to another place, making sure to never live in the same area any closer than forty years apart. He appears know terrain so well to his patrol because he’s seen it so many times in his countless missions and raids into the Schwartzvald to rescue slaves and transport them across the border. He procrastinates and daydreams through his classes at Geffen’s academy because he’s already flunked out once and graduated twice. He signed on to the border patrol not for the money, but to keep an eye on the day-to-day state of the cold war brewing between the kingdoms.

In his long experience, Acaelus, under other names, has been a wilderness guide and tracker, a city guard, a renowned painter, a mage of some minor influence, and an untraceable assassin working for the Runic crown.


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Cheap imported Schwartzvald ramen, with hot sauce and eggs.
Special Skills: Acute hearing, healing factor, disguises, experience.